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Energy healing, the formula, the sheets, energy healing modalities, energy healing therapy, frequencies, energy medicine, the creation formula, and energy techniques are collective terms used to refer to a variety of complementary techniques based on the balancing, programming, and direction of energy fields as well as the corresponding manifestation and influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on the body.

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I certify, acknowledge, and claim on behalf of myself and all energies:

“I AM Sovereign. I AM fully responsibility for my creation, and I recognize, claim, and affirm that I am the creation of me. I acknowledge, affirm, claim, and choose to know that I am the creation of me, and I choose to create myself with authority, love, and Joy in Divine Love. I choose to stand firm in the knowing that I AM THAT I AM and that any energy of sabotage or anger or rage or destruction or any lower vibration or energy in any shape or form is not welcome and denied access and entry into my life and world, and I invoke the formula – including all of the rays flames and lights and direct that I am Divine Love and the creation of me and my world as Divine Love in it’s highest and most loving and abundant form. Any stories, attachments, energies, fears, collectives, contracts, chords, beliefs, non-beliefs, etc. that are not serving me in the knowingness that I AM THAT I AM, I now knowingly and consciously direct that these all be transmuted by the True Light of All That Is. For any and all energy present or not present in my hologram and totality beyond the known and unknown planes, spaces, dimensions, and creations, I invoke Divine Love and claim and know that any fear around transmutation equaling obliteration/death/destruction is hereby balanced by invoking the creation formula, which I now do. I Am That I Am, and I hereby claim responsibility and love in all aspects and for all aspects of my life and world. I am the creation of me. I am the highest answer, and I am healed, and everything is balanced around the knowingness and beingness that I am. I acknowledge and affirm that loving myself is joyful and that I am Divine Love expressing as gratitude, love, joy, and abundance which I now define and know as the wholeness that I am. I am committed to One Happy Prosperous and Healthy Whole and that makes me happy! And it’s easy, simple, quiet, and complete now and consistently.”

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