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Jarrad Hewett is the three time #1 Best-Selling author of Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation as well as The Gospel of You. He is also the co-author of the International #1 Best Seller, The Big E – Everything is Energy. Jarrad is a multi-dimensional energy expert who specializes in visionary teachings and remote healing.

Featured Program

The Happiness through the Holidays program is designed to heal old family triggers and release abundance blocks as you charge into the hectic holiday season. Easily & effortlessly REWIRE your biggest buttons and have the happiest, most joyful holiday season ever!

Meet Jarrad

Jarrad is a multi-dimensional energy expert who specializes in visionary teaching and remote healing energy work that allows reconnection and healing at every level of being. He is a bridger of consciousness, an awakener of souls, and a catalyst for high level vibrational change that has brought about quantum growth, abundance, healing, and instantaneous change and manifestation in the lives of millions of clients across the globe.


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