Self Love Starter Pack

Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children from all walks of life have experienced the powerful transformation of working with 3 time #1 Best-Selling Author, Jarrad Hewett. Jarrad’s material gets to the core at lightning fast speed so that you are able to feel results immediately. For years, he has been the “go-to” Energy Catalyst for people in all walks who want to experience Joy, Love, Freedom, Health, Wealth, Vitality, and Abundance, and More. And now, Jarrad has created something totally new, JUST FOR YOU, to help you let go of the struggle and Begin to FEEL THE LOVE!

…And I don’t just mean a transitory state of feeling better. Jarrad begins at HOME, with you, where it all begins. Through his powerful yet gentle guided Energy Journeys, Jarrad guides you into a state of immersive Oneness and Unity with Source, wherein the old wounds and stories begin to fall away, replaced by a NEW APPRECIATION and DISCOVERY for who you really are. This state of love allows you to connect like never before to source, to yourself, and to creation itself.

“Loving yourself is TRULY the key to creating miracles!”

“Welcome to the all new Self Love Starter Pack! This material is some of the most Powerful work to-date, and is meant to provide you with an introduction to who I AM as well as the Experience of Self Love, while helping you to expand into Wholeness, Vitality, and Oneness.

Why Self Love? Self Love is the key to conscious creation. Self Love and Divine Love become ONE through the opening and the Integration of the Ascended Heart, and most of us aren’t taught that. We’re taught to burry our feelings and operate from the mind. On the few occasions we may have opened up, we’ve been wounded, which has only further closed down our heart center.

This program is about healing at a very Deep Level, while also Meeting Yourself in a New Way, allowing you to fall in love with Your Self and your life, maybe for the first time.

Creation is an expressive process. We have desires and wants, and often times, we feel a resistance from other people in our lives, at our jobs, and even our families, when we try to step into fulfilling our desires. Believe it or not, that resistance, is ultimately seated deep within us, and is being mirrored back through the Law of Creation.

This program is a Quantum Leap into Aligning with your true purpose and beginning your journey into All that You Are – Divine Love in Action. It is about healing old wounds, releasing old stories, and creating a space for happiness and love to grow. Beyond that, it is about you, learning to Love again, and from that Love, learning to create the life you desire.

While there is no set order to these tracks, I will present them in the order found to be most effective in gently excavating and healing.

This pack is for anyone new to my work, or for anyone who may be struggling. No matter where you are… no matter what the circumstance… LOVE can heal ALL.”




"Eliminating Genetic Beliefs"

Journey & Symbol

Eliminating Genetic Beliefs by Jarrad Hewett
This 70 minute guided session was created to help clear all limiting genetic implants, templates, and belief systems that have been holding you back from consciously creating your ideal life. These genetic implants have been passed down for generation upon generation, and most people on the planet aren’t even aware they exist!
When your energy bodies become distorted, imbalanced, disrupted, or damaged by belief systems, templates, or thoughts, you create drag, imbalance, and resistance that literally holds you in lack and limitation throughout all areas of life.
The energy in these tracks restores your actual, purest, highest, most clear operating system, and when this audio session is fully experienced, you are directing your energy at every level to restore your pure, divine, fullness and love.
These tracks will clear your energy field and reprogram your mind, enabling you to create your ideal world. These powerful tracks will empower you to start living the life you’ve always wanted but never knew how to create.


"The Complete Creation Formula Audio Program"

The Creation Formula Audio Activation and Guided Walk-Through, The Creation Formula e-Book – Complete with Symbol Guide, Complete Formula, and Actual Frequencies List – Updated for 2014

The Expanded Creation Formula by Jarrad Hewett
Here's how Jarrad describes the Creation Formula:
The Creation Formula is the process of expansion. I've often described it as a two pronged, multi-dimensional frequency chart (Remember, EVERYTHING is Energy - therefore, EVERYTHING has a frequency) that balances energy while simultaneously activating the ability to consciously create.
The formula itself is comprised of multi-dimensional frequencies and symbols that activate dormant information within the energy field that works to balance energy fields, activate pituitary and pineal glands, and reprogram total consciousness in a way that accelerates and activates true abilities to consciously create (more about this on the free call!).
Think of your life as the product of millions and millions of frequencies - just like a symphony is the product of thousands and thousands of musical notes. This formula represents a giant tuning fork that vibrates through your entire energy system and tunes the frequencies so that the life you are experiencing is a match to the vibrational symphony you are offering forth with your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. - all while directing those subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings into Love, Joy, etc.
This is the exact formula that I use in my own private and personal energy work each and every day.
Every hand-drawn symbol that comes with the accompanying E-book and remote healing audio walk through represents ingredients of this powerful formula and allows for transmutation and change in specific areas. These symbols have been used by Energy Masters, teachers, and students of all faiths and backgrounds, from across the globe, with amazing and miraculous results!
This amazing remote energy activation program also includes an audio session, where you will experience first-hand the amazingly powerful energy of the symbols as well as the meaning and invocations of the multi-level frequencies. In the accompanying E-Book, I will also speak to what the formula and symbols actually mean, as well as how to effectively tap into their energy - and subsequently, how to tap into the Full Power of You.
Remember: Everything is Energy, and YOU have the POWER to change your life NOW!


"Expression and Love – Receiving Love"

Journey & Symbol

Expression and Love – Receiving Love by Jarrad Hewett
This is the journey of merging possibility with potential, potential with reality, reality with creation, and creation with Beingness. It is the ability to KNOW who you are, LOVE who you are, and BE who you are – creating a new space of love and acceptance from and by you, as well as the world and in each and every relationship.
Creating a beautiful vortex of Expression and Expansion, this IS the flowing of the Light at EVERY LEVEL, birthing new ideas, integrating at a deep level, connecting with Source and Self like never before, moving this energy into PURE EMBODIMENT, allowing the Light of Who We Are to reprogram cellularly, electromagnetically, and holographically.
This is a DEEP energy of the Expansive Experience of Source and the ANCHORING IN of the 5th Dimensional PHYSICAL reality.
As this journey fully opens you to the energies of Expression and Love, Plenty and Wellness, and a Deep Knowing and Connected Feeling, as well as Wholeness, feel free to listen as often as you’d like.


"A New Release"

Journey & Symbol

A New Release by Jarrad Hewett
Filled with the Light of Truth and Love, Jarrad’s first NEW channeled Spoken Word Energy Journey in almost a year is all about connecting in with your Self at the most Expanded Level Possible…
and then Releasing INTO and CREATING a whole new You!
Feel what it feels like to be filled, whole, and complete at every level as this journey helps to heal at every level, bringing you into your Self, and into the World in a Whole, New Way.
Release everything on your mind and in your field as you journey away from the stress, the trauma, the wounds, and into the freedom of the Total Empowerment and Creation. Fully RELEASE INTO A NEW SPACE as the Love and Light of Source, merging at every level with the beauty, glory, healing, and Abundance of Pure Source.
Mild Caution: The Energy of Release is Incredibly Strong in this Journey. It will not be uncommon to meet yourself in ways that were completely unexpected. In doing this, emotions will surface and amazing release can take place. These energetic and emotional releases, which accelerate and deepen your capacity for lasting, positive change, are very strong and high in frequency. As such, Jarrad does not recommend listening any more than twice in one day.


"Self Confidence: Journey Into A Wider Self"

Journey & Symbol

Self Confidence: Journey Into A Wider Self by Jarrad Hewett
As you begin to meet the unmet self this month and experience wider realities, use this journey to really raise the vibration so that you can FULLY experience TOTAL IMMERSION IN LOVE as you build and charge a new energy field of TOTAL CONFIDENCE and empowerment, enabling you to create INSTANT MIRACLES as you journey DEEPER beyond all veils and into Source.


"Press Pause Energy Journey"

Journey & Symbol

Press Pause Energy Journey by Jarrad Hewett
“One of the best Journeys yet!”
This journey is all about connecting in with your Self at the most Expanded Level Possible…and then Expanding Beyond that! It is the perfect journey from a hectic day BACK into peace.
This 18 minute Heart-Filled Guided Energy Journey allows you to Fully Immerse Yourself in The Open Ascended Heart, Integrating with the Allness that you are, by learning how to “press pause” on anything not resonating with who you are becoming and who you truly are.
Learn how to create the feelings that create abundance in your world by allowing yourself to fully embrace and make the choice for Pure Divine Love in every moment. Release Resistance Immediately, and learn to stop fighting yourself by pressing pause on the mental clutter and the energy of sabotage and self-defeat.
There is nothing Broken. There is nothing that needs to be fixed. There is only the choice for Pure Divine Love. You are Worthy, and you are Loved! Feel what it would feel like to BE that knowingness.
This journey allows you to resonate at every level with that love and being. Find your Center, and take control of your life by learning to Press Pause and Create What You Want Now!
Mild Caution: The Energy of Release is Incredibly Strong in this Journey. It will not be uncommon to meet yourself in ways that were completely unexpected. In doing this, emotions will surface and amazing release can take place. These energetic and emotional releases, which accelerate and deepen your capacity for lasting, positive change, are very strong and high in frequency. As such, Jarrad does not recommend listening any more than twice in one day.


"Journey To The Open Heart"

Journey & Symbol

Journey To The Open Heart by Jarrad Hewett
This ALL-NEW 20 minute Energy Journey takes you to the place of all creation: The Open Heart.
This is one of the most POWERFUL Journeys created to date.
Take a trip into the total freedom of the Ascended Heart. The Fifth Dimensional Vibrations in this Energy Journey serve to activate your inner abilities to create the outer world.
Learn to alter the holographic Universe and create consciously what it is you would like to experience in the moment of now by opening up every single potential and possibility open to you right now, in this very moment.
“This is what Conscious Creation is All About!”
Fully Receive the POWER of CREATION in this incredibly uplifting and inspiring guided healing journey in the heart of the One, and into the Open Heart of Love.
Feel free to listen to this incredibly empowering and calming journey as often as you’d like.


"Integrating and Experiencing The Love Of The Ascended Heart"

Journey & Symbol

Integrating and Experiencing The Love Of The Ascended Heart by Jarrad Hewett
This 9 Minute experience is all about integration of and with Divine Love at all levels of being.
As we move energy, our intent this month is to expand into the empowerment of I AM THAT I AM and really open up to the idea that it’s all good and it’s all god/source/one/creation. Positive outcomes are a big boulder when we don’t know the universe is a friendly and loving place, so this track contains plenty of energy around positive outcomes and improved access to the higher self.
There is a deep comfort and peace present in the uncovering of our deepest spiritual core. This is tranquility encourages pulling back the layers to reach our highest Source level. It also inspires BEING the higher self to integrate and respond to Life from the most Universal perspective possible for your evolution and expansion, rather than responding from the ego or individualized storied perspective.
Finally, I completed this track with the energy of transmuting fear, disorientation, and any inability to express the Self. This layer can also stimulate a desire to have greater knowledge of the self as an integrated being in mind, body, and spirit, which again, translates to inspiration and wholeness through expansion. This also aids in that ever important grounding. This energy also works and opens the spleen and throat chakras, again regarding expression of the self.


"Loving Myself"

Musical Frequency Journey

Loving Myself by Jarrad Hewett
The first layer of this Incredibly LOADED 11 Minute frequency track was created to minimize what we perceive as the effect other people’s energy on us. These frequencies help to empower you in a way in which you are able to focus on your own positive attributes to the point that the opinions of others no longer influence (i.e. pull your focus from) your ability to know the vastness of your own I AM power and presence. These frequencies are used to generate contentment and a positive feeling within the self of being Self contained/whole.
I added the specific frequencies for transmuting frustration in intimate relationships as well as with the self and one’s work, lethargy, rebelliousness, boredom, depression, anxiety, and occasional stress and tension. There are also frequencies included meant to increase mental clarity and improve and expand the meditative state.
There are almost a hundred frequencies present representing the ability to feel good about the future, release nostalgia, celebrate the self, forgiveness of self and other, and moving into unconditional love, forgiveness, happiness.
On top of all of that, there is a lot of energy to help release old wounds.
This track is ten minutes long. Due to the release energy present, Jarrad recommends starting out at five minutes in the morning and five minutes around dinner time to see how your body does processing and integrating the energies. As with all energy work, remember to hydrate.



"Fear Clear"

Journey & Symbol

Fear Clear Journey by Jarrad Hewett
The Fear Clear energy is one of the most potent energies we can use when lifting veils and allowing ourselves to see “beyond” the 3-D reality and into total sovereignty.
This particular energy is one of the most amazing energies Jarrad has been blessed to work with in all his years of healing and expansion. This journey facilitates Massive Growth and Quantum Awakening as this energy of Fear Clear begins to gently lift out our Fear of Empowerment, Fear of Creation, Fear of Persecution and Power… this is the energy that clears ALL fear by multi dimensionally uprooting any implants that have been growing as an expression of who you are in this lifetime as well as who you are at a multi-dimensional level.
This journey is LOADED with the energy of what Jarrad refers to as “the cocktail” which is a potent mix of frequencies that release any old beliefs and systems of patriarchy or suppression and oppression, and create a unification of feminine, masculine, and child – wherein you are powerful in your love, sovereign in your nurturing truth, and in joyful awe of all that is.
This journey works at warp speed through all dimensions, cutting chords, releasing genetic beliefs and lower vibrational templates, and removing anything that keeps us from total choice, all while harmonizing ALL of our energy and lifting the anchors and weights that have held us back for so long.


"Rewiring the Brain for Conscious Creation"

Journey & Symbol

Rewiring the Brain for Conscious Creation by Jarrad Hewett
“This may be one of the most important pieces ever channeled for creation.”
The brain is so much more than what most on this plane of existence know or understand. The whole brain includes not just the physical brain, but our entire electromagnetic field. It is the mechanism through which all Light is known, and it is the energy field through which we create this reality.
This journey not only rewires the physical brain, but it completely recharges the electromagnetic field, unifying all of our energy bodies into one accord of Divine Love, Presence, and Conscious Creation. Simply put, this is a whole new paradigm of Creation wherein we move, as humans, from using 10-15 per cent of our brain, to USING the ENTIRE BRAIN for creation.



"Awakening – 3rd Eye Activation"

Journey & Symbol

Awakening - 3rd Eye Activation by Jarrad Hewett
This is one of the STRONGEST ENERGIES I have ever experienced – and that is saying A LOT!
One of THE MOST transformative journeys ever channeled, this deep-seated healing Awakens you to the Truth at the Highest realities, gaining access to your POWER to totally create your life, awakening to infinite potential – allowing you to see yourself free, clear, and POWERFUL, and being able to EXPERIENCE the full embodiment of THE I AM THAT I AM, not just as a concept, but as an embodied energy.
I cannot stress how strong this energy is. At the same time, it is INCREDIBLY gentle and something every single person who truly wants to merge into this new dimensional space should experience.


"Meeting the Andromedan or UnMet Self"

Journey & Symbol

Meeting the Andromedan Self by Jarrad Hewett
Step into the Light of Pure Love and Support and meet the energies of the Andromedan Galaxy. The Andromedan Energies are some of the “oldest” energies in time and space, and represent the culmination of Self-Love in Action.
Through this journey, you will download codes and activate energies “Beyond DNA” in order to bridge time and space, and meet yourself as an Ancient yet Futuristic Master of Creation. Asl Yourself Anything. Integrate this beautiful energy so that you may know yourself as Creation Itself and unlock the mysteries of time and space.
This is the Andromedan Self.
This is the energy of pure Love, Nurturance, and Support. This the energy of feeling complete, whole, and Infinite beyond measure…



"Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation"

Audio Copy of Jarrad’s Best-Selling Book

Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation by Jarrad Hewett
One of the most powerful and brilliant messages you’ll ever hear, this special frequency encoded audio version of Jarrad’s International Best-Seller contains some of the highest frequencies felt on this plane.
The text itself provides an awe-inspiring view of God, consciousness, and what it means to be alive. It powerfully demonstrates the full potential of love and conscious creatorship in ways that will astonish, inspire, and leave you breathlessly moved.
No subject is off limits in this exploration of thoughts, energy, and the science that brings them together. Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Love, Life, God fully illustrates that concept. Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into who we really are, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. just how our world (and our perspective of that world) has come into being. On this journey, Jarrad also shows in clear and irrevocable ways how to change the world through changing the Self.
Coded with massively expansive frequencies, this special audio version is like having your own personal energy library to visit time and time again.
"Jarrad takes us on a journey to understand the how and why of life and in the process delivers a beautiful portrayal of love and creation. Lovely and heart-opening!" - Jennifer Mclean, Host of Healing With the Masters


The Creation Formula e-Book and MP3 Audio Activation with musical frequency activation

Jarrad’s ALL NEW Physical Abundance Energy Journey and Meditation

The FIRST EVER Light Language Activation and Journey

His POWERFUL, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED 5th Dimensional Flow Energy Journey

The ALL NEW Release Into Love

The ALL NEW Awakening 3rd Eye Activation for Total Transformation


Jarrad’s ALL NEW Child-Like Play Healing Meditation

The ALL NEW Wholeness Through Well Being

2 Pre Recorded Master Classes and Energy Retreats

Audio Book of The #1 Best Selling Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation, read by Jarrad Himself

That’s Over 10 Hours of Amazing Energetic Love, Guidance, Healing, and Support, for ALL Areas of Life – and Entire Library from one of Today’s Most Renowned Leading Edge Energy Experts…


Make The Choice To CHOOSE YOU In 2017

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  • What could you create if you knew that you could not fail and that you were totally loved, nurtured, and supported at every turn?
  • Isn’t it time you found out?

Don’t miss out on this Comprehensive, Power-Packed Energy of Re-Connection, Wholeness, and Love!

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"Total Flow – Abundance and 5D Living"

Journey & Symbol

Total Flow – Abundance and 5D Living by Jarrad Hewett
Through Adjusting in the 3rd Dimension, this Journey allows you to ascend beyond polarity, transcending the space and place of limitation or mental energies, wherein we adjust our point of orientation in the Universe, thereby opening you up to the vortex of the 5th Dimension.
This journey is PACKED with information and transformation, removing the energy of “want” which then clears a space for all that you’ve been seeking to manifest in your life. This journey releases attachment and brings you into a space of Clarity and Presence so that you can truly resonate out into the Universe in a New Way!
This is a Journey into PURE EMPOWERMENT – sowing the seeds of financial expression and activating, on every single level, the Light of the One, orienting you into the 5th Dimension.
and then Releasing INTO and CREATING a whole new You!
More powerful than Release Everything, you’ll feel filled, whole, and complete at every level as this journey heals at every level and brings you into your Self, and into the World in a Whole, New Way.
Release everything on your mind and in your field as you journey away from the stress, the trauma, the wounds, and into the freedom of the Total Empowerment and Creation.
Fully Feel LOVED and SUPPORTED like NEVER BEFORE as the energy of your field reprograms and opens to the transcendence of limitation and EMBODY YOUR SOURCE SELF.
Mild Caution: It will not be uncommon through these journeys to meet yourself in ways that were completely unexpected. In doing this, emotions will surface and amazing release can take place. These energetic and emotional releases, which accelerate and deepen your capacity for lasting, positive change, are very strong and high in frequency. As such, I do not recommend listening any more than twice in one day.


ITEM 16, 17 & 18

3 Hour Pre Recorded Energy Retreat – Core Curriculum and Master Class

Master Classes with Jarrad by Jarrad Hewett
Jarrad's natural abilities to see, feel, and hear all forms of energy have given him unique insight into the underlying framework and process of creation, as well as how you can heal and reshape your future by restructuring your energetic fields, belief systems, etc. right now.
  • Join Jarrad as he reveals the mysterious forces that are working for (or against) you.
  • Discover how your unique frequency formula – belief systems, core beliefs, genetic beliefs, templates, etc - dictate the answers you get back from the Universe as well as how your physical world is created and presented.
Join Jarrad for a POWERFUL and enlightening, 3 hours of workshops where you’ll learn all about Energy, Awakening, and The Amazing Matrix of Self. These Incredibly packed audio recordings contain Jarrad’s core message and some of his most amazing remote energy work to date.
You’ll get to experience firsthand the magic of remote healing as Jarrad shows you how to literally UNPLUG from The Matrix of 3-D reality and enter the world of 5-D living and Beyond.
Note: These calls are PACKED with remote healing. Spontaneous healings and shifts often happen. Please drink plenty of water while listening and give yourself ample time to rest and integrate these powerful frequencies.

These classes are Powerful Catalysts for Growth and Change and Open the Doors Wide for New Experiences and Ways to Understand Energy and the World Around You! If You Have Been Seeking Answers to How To Heal, Grow, Love, Discover Your Purpose, Tune In, and Find Out What Makes Your Heart Sing, You Don’t Want to Miss These Amazing Classes Complete with Q and A and Live Recorded Processes to Give You A Sense of Being There and Experiencing One One One, The Ultimate Awakening!