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Darius M. Barazandeh, Healer and Teacher, CEO of You Wealth Revolution Network - Jarrad Hewett Testimonials
"I've interviewed and spent time with more than 2,000 of the worlds most powerful transformational teachers and healers from all parts of the world. However Jarrad Hewett is the most powerful teacher, psychic and healer I've ever come on contact with. I've seen radical healings, transformations and life changes from people who have had just a few moments with Jarrad. The new generation of transformational teachers will be healers, psychics and will have an ability to read and scan the human energy body. Jarrad Hewett has all of these abilities plus a heart of gold. He's is without a doubt the top healer on the planet today."
Darius M. Barazandeh
Healer and Teacher, CEO of You Wealth Revolution Network
Jennifer McLean Creator, Spontaneous Transformation Technique, Host, Healing With The Masters - Jarrad Hewett Testimonials
"If you’re looking to genuinely transform in an accelerated fashion, while also having fun, Jarrad is your man. His talent, presence, energy and shear love vibe are all there to support you and move you straight to what you’ve been desiring. His teachings and abilities are not only leading edge, they are helping to create a very new, vibrant earth."
Jennifer McLean
Creator, Spontaneous Transformation Technique, Host of Healing With The Masters

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From Around The World

“Those Infinite Abundance tracks are incredible and I am ever so grateful for having found him and them.” – Maggie Crane

“I am so humbled and awed by the amazing power within us. Thank you, Jarrad, for helping me unlock mine.” – Nora Banner

“I have had a wonderful manifestation of abundance come in this week. A friend who is the sales manager at a hotel called me to say they needed a seamstress to alter some comforters for them and she knew I enjoyed sewing. I met with the manager today and I have to alter at least 200 comforters into bed scarves – three per comforter. Very easy work – at home, on my own time. I should make at least around $15,000 – I haven’t given him a price yet. I would never have thought…” – Doreen Huestis

“The magic keeps happening!!! This is the new normal.” – Charan Surdhar

“Another unexpected check today! They just keep showing up at the most synchronistic time. All is in Divine Order. xoxo” – Judy

“Haha… Just reading about Judy getting another cheque, today I went to my accountant for my annual tax return. Well, it will take up to 10 business days, but I am expecting a full tax refund… This will be several thousand!!! Woooohooooo!!! Thank you source… I love being supported and my expectations met!!!!” – Suzi

“The infinite abundance is by far the best work Jarrad has done so far in my opinion! I have found after listening for about 3 months now that not only does it lift my vibration instantly that it also covers everything, not just abundance. Thanks Jarrad your amazing. Love and blessings” – Pennymay

“I have truly loved this abundance adventure. I am a self-employed designer and my work that I love doing has increased like never before! I have to turn down work because I have so many projects. Along with that my bank account is increasing and I am so excited and happy! I listen to the frequencies everyday while I am working and I have never felt so empowered. There isn’t any one frequency that I can think of that has caused this wonderful life that I am living. I feel they all work together and so I listen to all of them! Thank you so much for this opportunity in showing me the way to create what I truly desire. Lots of Love Light to you!” – Diana

“I have been using Jarrad’s frequency tracks daily for years, not just for myself to enrich and expand my world, and sometimes help me attune to the frequency I want to experience, but in my environment. They have been an essential tool in my toolbox for helping me create the world I wish to live in. And, I have to say this new series is his most powerful yet! Wide deep heart gratitude to you Jarrad for this work you share. Love and Lite Brite vibes to you!” – Kat Ballard, Atlanta, GA

“I work in the healing profession as well for 22 years and i have developed a strong and reliable radar for who’s real and what works. Jarrad himself is an incredible gift to anyone looking to expand beyond their known form of self. Such clarity, depth and humility is what make him a remarkable healer, and he’s a lot of fun to learn with too. Fantastic humour! I did the 52 week frequency part one and am now doing part two. It has supported my own expansion and evolution beyond measure. Listening to the frequencies everyday is like receiving soul food, nourishing my vital source energy to rise and be stronger. I love mixing and matching the frequencies to suit what I feel needs support or strengthening that day. I have healed and grown exponentially since using the frequency tracks, in very subtle and profound ways. I highly recommend them to the committed student of life that’s looking to awaken and rise out of the density of ego and shine their natural divine light and love.” – Luannah

“Jarrad has created a beautiful medicine chest of frequencies which can be used prescriptively as, and when required, to heal our mind, body and soul.” – Loretta Gardner, United Kingdom

“I can personally notice a huge difference between when I run the frequency tracks at home, or at work (in the background; running them on low volume)… verses not playing the frequency tracks. I work in the medical field… which is fast paced, stressful, and can be emotionally tense & challenging at times. When I do run the frequency tracks in the background… I’ve noticed a huge shift in the environment and the people within it. They all just seem to be more peaceful, joyful, understanding, even more helpful and kind. These instantaneous shifts… can prove instrumental in the outcome of productivity, and patient care that is facilitated in every moment. I’ve also noticed, that when I play the silent tracks on a continuous looping & shuffling cycle, in the background, while meditating… my meditations seem to take new extraordinary leaps and turns… to new heights of expansion and awareness, that I’ve never experienced before. I’m truly grateful for these frequency tracks, that Jarrad Hewitt has created. They are truly a “Gift that Keeps on Giving”!” – Regina Arceo

“How Jarrad Hewitt does what he does …and in the way that he does, astounds and delights me. He is so deeply connected and powerful that I’ve totally thrown out the bar I had for possibility. I am so grateful for the immense awakening that I am experiencing following discovering Jarrad on You Wealth Revolution!” – Caroline

“Jarrad’s 52 Week Challenge came as a gift to me at a very difficult time in my life. I had just lost my younger brother to cancer and I was having health issues as well. I was down in the crapper and ready for a pity party. When I was given this, I took it to heart and followed it weekly. After a short few weeks, I felt amazing things happen. My grief lifted, I could feel my heart was open wide, my medical issues were gone and I walked around being happy. Every week I looked forward to what the next week’s frequency would bring. I loved this program! Thank you Jarrad for making such an amazing program and to keep us growing throughout the year!” – Lynette

“I ordered and have used the ” 52 week challenge, part one” last year. I was going through a particularly challenging part of my life : I had just lost my daughter in law to glio blastoma, a particularly nasty brain tumour, my husband and me lost ALL our money to a swindler AND I GOT diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer (grade 3 multiplied by 3) believe me I did not have the strength, courage OR any will to fight. I sincerely believe that this ‘” 52 week challenge” got me through all the chemo’s and radiations and it was one tough year. I decided to order, this year, part two, of the challenge, I no longer have thoughts of suicide, am full of life, have no more ” chemo” brain, very focused. THANK YOU, JARRAD! Love and light, have a blessed life too.” – Zaiby Alibhai

“Words are clumsy when describing the impact of this work in my life. I listen to these frequencies/music every day – sometimes all day. They are such an integral part of my life I now wonder how I ever existed without them. They are powerful, they are moving, they are connecting, they are fun and playful, they are transformative. I play them when I’m upset, when I’m in reverie, when I’m working out… They continue to assist me in raising my vibration, or realigning it again when I’m in the density. I love Jarrad, I love his work, and I love my frequencies. Thank you!” – Elizabeth

“We were first introduced to Jarrad on YWR a few years ago, and since then we don’t miss an opportunity to experience his amazing energy! We have purchased and benefited from several of his offers, and believe that he is a great gift as the YWR community expands in light and understanding. His musical frequencies which include crystal energies, are both beautiful and powerful. It is very supportive to receive a new one each week. Also, the occasional Frequency Radio broadcasts are incredible and we put them on all the speaker phones throughout the house to clear and tone the energy. Quite simply, Jarrad always leaves us with a feeling of hope, and he makes us happy!” – Kate Shadock, Albuquerque, NM & Claire Gerdes, Portland, OR

“I am relatively new to Jarrad and his teachings (<1 yr). I first heard him as a guest on another show where I was immediately drawn to his sincerity and beautiful soul that was filled with an abundance of joy and love as it radiated over the airwaves. Although I was immediately drawn to his message, I also resonate with music and it was on that show when I heard one of his sound tracks for the very first time that I felt a total connection – the frequency and the vibrations touched me and I bought the package offered. I have continued to follow Jarrad when the opportunity arises as I listen to his tracks repeatedly, adding new ones as they are available. The music stirs me at the depth of my being as I hear/feel/reach new depths each time I listen to one of his musical energy creations. I so appreciate that he incorporates his frequencies with melodies His music has become a part of my daily life – at home, while driving, at work. For me, it provides a backdrop to my being – bringing balance, harmony, peace and serenity… Jarrad and his gifts need to be shared wherever, whenever and however possible. I am grateful and I am honoured to have found his work.” – Michele

“Jarrad’s Vibrational Sound Package is Amazing!! These frequencies are SO powerful!! I have had Out of Body experiences and the emergence of Psychic Abilities with these Frequencies.” – Sharon, Kenmore, WA

“The frequencies so far are amazingly clarifying and powerful in this program, and that is just the beginning! One day I was listening and some very old dense energies were released, I did not even realize it until I felt lighter after a huge wave of grief had come over me. With the music around me, played a few times while I was doing other things, I felt such a loving acceptance of being right where I was in that grief and then if lifted so beautifully like angels were in the room. I was not having to think about it or try to feel better…it happened with ease. I also enjoy playing the silent ones in my office so I know that my clients might be benefiting as well. Share a wonderful thing right? Many thanks to Jarrad for harnessing these lovely energies of gems, Divine beings and all kinds of wonderful essences infused into a perfect blend for my/our ears, heart and soul.” – Carol

“I have been going through a stressful time with siblings & it has been such a blessing to have this program. I enjoy being able to wake up every morning & play one of the frequencies (sometimes more than once) with my coffee while I check my email. Regardless of what is going on in my personal world, I feel like I leave for work in a positive vibration & peaceful feelings in my heart space. I often listen to the tracks on my way to work or before stressful meetings!! I absolutely love the music frequencies… Fastest, easiest & most relaxing way I have found to insure a wonderful start to each & every day!!!!! Hoping for a part 3 next year!!! Thanks Jarrad!!!” – Susan Reid

“My experience with Part 1 of the 52 weeks was life saving. I began the 52 weeks in January and it took me through one of the most difficult years of my life. There was not one part of my life that was left untouched. Each week I looked for the support that I knew was coming in the frequency tracks. Inevitably, the title and frequency of the track was exactly the support I needed. I would listen to the track numerous times per day just to get me through the ending of my relationship, the move to a different city, changes in my business, family dramas and so much more. Jarred also seemed to just know when to send out a special email or bonus track. It was always when I needed it most. When I listen to the tracks I feel the shifting and changing of energies within me, followed by emotional changes and by the end of the week many times my perception of the world around me would change. Thank you Jarred, your work is remarkable.” – Jeanne Lecher

“One word to describe these tracks? Magic! I play them in my car, and around the house and the silent frequencies when I’m out and about. I have noticed how when I play them in my car or house, everyone seems to just energetically “quieten” which is great. But for me specifically, what these tracks have done is what Jarrad is all about, and that is to help each and every one of us remember who we are, the I AM presence within us. We all have this magic within us waiting to be expressed, and I know and feel truly that these tracks are like a “present” here and now (pun intended) allowing me to slowly open the gift that I be. Every week opens me up to more of me… that is the gift that keeps giving.” – Charan Surdhar, Epigeneticist

“Another unexpected cheque was in the mail again today, never knew we qualified for a rebate… It is so exciting to see money showing up with no effort on my part… Also my husband has been working without a contract for over a year and guess what!!!! Their new contract is signed so that will mean more $$$$ coming to us due to the increase in wages as well as back pay… This just keeps getting better & better… Loving Life… WOOOHOOO… Thanks Jarrad for this work… loving it… Sending abundance to all” – Traci Malinoski

“Jarrad’s frequency program was mind blowing! I am a high sensitive Empath so the frequencies in this program were of utmost value to me. Many times I cannot describe the ‘unsettledness’ that I sense and this frequency program assisted in easily dissolving the charges in the environment. I use the Silent frequencies amidst our family and home and it has brought great transformation to our usual conversations and outings. I work with clients in our Equine facilitated programs and both the animals and the people are amazed at the changes/shifts. This is a program that anyone interested in energy and vibrational awareness will receive huge benefits from.” – Trena Anderson

“Sunday is my favorite day because I get a present in my email which is a new download for the new week’s frequency. They seem to build on each other as a flow of our moving energy. They take you into another world of soaring and sometimes intense and deep emotions. The frequencies take you on a journey into self and out to the cosmos. Mostly it is an experience in pure love and joy that I cannot express. It’s like a fun ride at Disneyland or your favorite group on the radio. The frequencies are always new and a pleasant surprise. It is like getting a sweet present from a friend or loved one. It always amazes me that Jarrad can be so diverse and come up with so many completely different types of sound and rhythm’s every week. I feel like someone has composed a mini concert just for me.” – Linda Edvenson-Klauer

“I purchased Part 1 of Jarrad’s 52 week program this past August and I love it. Not only do the frequencies take me to a whole new level of being and centeredness, they aid me in keeping my focus on expansion in a loving and consistent way (I had the pattern of being flighty and continually changing my focus). However I think the biggest and brightest thing I can say in regards to this program is what it has done for someone close to me. They’ve been dealing with debilitating illness, unable to work for the past decade and a lifetime of deep anger and frustration. Although they’ve been an avid spiritual seeker their whole life, their frustration at a lack of progress was palpable. This program has transported them in ways that are simply hard to believe! After 2 months they’re consistently happier, they carry an optimism in their outlook on the world where there wasn’t any before and they’re less resistant to new ideas. They have clearings and are releasing stuck energy they’ve been working on for decades on an almost nightly basis! You can see the peace and cheer on their face. In my opinion, after far too many years of watching their struggle and misery, the difference in them is nothing short of a miracle. I can’t thank Jarrad enough!! If this program intrigues you on any level, I truly hope you give yourself the opportunity to experience amazing shifts in your own life.” – Alison Anton, Canada

“I found it very healing for my son – who has autism – and for me to, to help me stay together and continue me on my journey of discovery. The additional information going with each track is wonderful… I find that each track builds on the previous and stays with me all the time. Sometimes you have to be careful with the listening as they are very powerful energetically.” – Ruth Goodman

“Since listening to the new journeys I have achieved a deeper place of self-love and understanding. The symbols and journeys are Jarrad’s most powerful to date. The symbols often appear to me in 3D formation as if to assist me and support me in all areas of my life.” – Judy S

“The whole new Thrive in Five package for 2016 is truly incredible! The new Language of Light symbols and journeys are especially rocking my world. As each new wave of energy comes to the earth, I feel ready thanks to working with Jarrad.” – Judy J

“Jarrad, can’t thank you enough for coming into my awareness at the perfect time. The past five months have been very challenging for me on multiple fronts. I have dealt with all the adversity far better than in the past. I truly believe the daily energy work you’ve been doing and the various frequency tracks I’ve been listening to have made all the difference in my ability to move through these difficulties with ease and grace. Many thanks to you for stepping in to your destiny to help others!” – Nancy Kaiser

“I am so in love with love and this most recent package for Thrive in the Five Jarrad has created brings me to a place of such expansion and joy. With each word he speaks to my heart I feel the presence of the Divine like a giant hug and love being poured into my being. The energy is electric and electrifying in all ways. The Pleiadian Gateway is just that – an open gateway to the beyond the beyond. The more I listen the more I feel such an expansion of my being. I love, love, love, love this package. It will take you to a whole new level in your journey. Jarrad shared from the depth of his being and as he continues to expand he takes us all with him. I am forever grateful!” – Maggie

“I love the deep expansion that Jarrad’s journeys bring. They have improved my life in assisting me with tuning in to the embodiment of love’s flow, and being in the joy and excitement of love’s creation as it is in me. You’ll love the way Jarrad shares abundance so freely. His ‘dimensional alignment’, and ‘relax into flow’ journeys, are helpful in experiencing Source in you. Jarrad is a joy filled beacon of light that shines in happiness, in his timeless journeys, calls and communications. The ‘Thrive in the Five’ program is a tremendous gift you give yourself… and others in your world will receive the benefits from your expansion, too :)” – Karen

“I just finished listening to the Dimensional Alignment journey and WOW. It was a power packed 20 minutes of healings and clearings. I feel like I am floating and very grounded at the same time and more in 5D than ever. Thanks Jarrad.” – Diane

“The journeys included in the new “Thrive in the Five” are amazing. I felt my energy shifting immediately when I listened to “Releasing Into Flow”. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the package. I have experienced more personal growth and expansion through your work in the past 3 months than in the past 20 years. Thank you, Jarrad.” – Kris

“The very first listen to the first journey I could feel the new energy frequencies. I have experienced a lot of Jarrad’s work, and THIS is OUT OF THIS 3D WORLD right into 5D, AMAZING! The energy is so Loving and Powerful. As my chakras opened I could feel the energies pulsing and swirling to a place where my body and the Light became one. My outer world is starting to reflect back the beautiful mirror emanating. Just scrumptious! I’m only on Item 6 and can’t wait to experience the Pleiadian Gateway journey! Super excited! Thank you, Jarrad, for the profound significance your work has in my life!” – Kat Ballard, Atlanta, GA

“I just listened to the Pleiadian Gateway activation. WOW. I have never experienced anything quite like this. I started to listen to the track, and pulled up the symbol on my phone. When it came up the word Oh f*** came out of my mouth. My ears, ear canal into my head started vibrating. They still are, as is my whole body. My solar plexus started to heat up. My mouth opening as if wanting to talk with no words coming out. My mind stopped. I could hear the words you were speaking but with my being. I expanded so much. It felt like I was floating, and at the same time I could not move my body. I became very aware of my throat. And started speaking light language. A different dialect than in the past. Then you started talking about being attuned and speaking lol. A few minutes later I felt as if the air conditioning came on (it was me) my hands and arms started moving by themselves. The chakras in my hands were so filled with energy. I started speaking light language again. When my body stopped moving (I was sitting on the sofa my legs fooled under me my arms at a 45 degree angle, just being there no effort on my part. I couldn’t move them or my body. I was aware of the golden light pouring through my crown chakra in waves and into my hands. I heard the thoughts your DNA is being encoded. ” For this is why you were born” 3 times. I literally could not move. After what seemed like 10 min. Time stopped not sue exactly. My body had a big shake and I could move. I am still vibrating and ears itching through the ear canal (which they have been doing lately, like a tuning fork). My whole body has done this on and off for a few weeks. This is definitely something to talk about in our private next week. And will see what else comes up. To infinity and beyond just came to mind.” – Sue Reed

“I have to say those first two journeys seem perfect for my transformation right now!” – Susan M

“Every aspect of my life has changed. My life keeps getting better and better… I don’t believe this works I KNOW IT WORKS.” – Sue

“Jarrad’s Language of Light symbols light up my whole being when I look at them. I have no idea how or why. I just know they make me happy. The energy they radiate—I soak up deeply clear down to my atomic level. Thank you for bringing these wonderful symbols to us Jarrad!” – Judy

“Before I found Jarrad I purchased more programs than I even want to think about but I seemed to loop back through the same patterns in love & money that I was trying to change. It’s as if the journey’s finally helped me clear the blocks & begin to move in the direction of my heart’s desires! Jarrad’s journeys make it simple, easy & fun to start manifesting my dreams!! These journeys & activations have truly been life changing for me!! I love, love, love the power of the journeys & frequencies as I feel the energy move through my body, heart & soul in such a powerful way! For me, there is no longer a need for other programs!!!” – Susan

“One of the biggest shifts I’ve had is that I don’t want to physically run away and hide anymore. I’ve found my true self and discovered a heartfelt knowing that I AM LOVE. From this place, the beauty and joy that I have learned to create is almost unfathomable…” – Leah

“I have been faithfully listening to the Awakening Intuition an Open Heart track since joining the CCU Program recently. Yesterday alone I had three separate individuals, all in separate conversations, tell me “you must be reading my mind”! As I heard it for the third time I knew it had to be a result of listening to this track! So much fun!” – Kristin Carpio

“Jarrad is as constant as a northern star – ever bright, ever loving. Always shining light on the path. Gently guiding us, giving us all the tools to find the answers we are seeking, and the knowledge that the answers are within. Bestowing upon us such personal gifts from the heart- reminding us we are seen and heard, and we are loved. I have landed in a place of knowingness. Surrounded and loved by others, allowing me to be me- without judgement and always with compassion. It’s a place where we see the truth of who we really are, absent of our stories. It is a journey of reclaiming myself and coming into wholeness. I have found my compass and now I can always find my way. Never will I be lost again. It has opened a door and where there was darkness now there is light. It’s as if I have awakened from a deep sleep. I see beauty and wonderment in everything around me. So it is on this journey, we climb together, on the way we laugh, and we cry- sometimes tears of sorrow, sometimes tears of joy. I find a new balance point where I am sovereign, where I let my light shine and I move into the light and into the love of all that I AM. And… I get it!” – Susan

“Jarrad spends so much his time with us and shares his heart openly and willingly… I am truly blessed by the many and ongoing miracles that show up in my life – from having my hearing back after over two years, to cleared sinuses, to feelings of peace, serenity and calm… Words can not express my joy in choosing to take this journey. anyone who chooses to join will not be disappointed.” – Maggie

“Jarrad is an awesome, loving, bright light and the space and community he creates in his programs are so safe and loving, I committed to take as many programs I can with Jarrad. He is truly gifted and generous with his time answering each of our questions on the blogs and sharing all of his journeys and activations. His readings are very accurate, musical tracks powerful and beautiful. I will always be grateful to him for the huge difference he has made in my spiritual journey. My heartfelt gratitude Jarrad.” – Gloria

“Cellulite is disappearing. WOW! Sleep pattern is much improved. My personal reading and frequency is perfect for where I am now and to continue expanding. My throat chakra is smoothing out and I can hear it in my voice when I speak. Many subtle changes. A gentle nudge to all the guys who may be listening. Jarrad provides silent Frequencies for his work and you all can access these on your iPhones 24/7. You can make a difference and become the creative architect of your world. And it’s FUN! Blessings to All.” – Suzanne Giles Burrell

“I have an 18 month old ‘miracle son’, this is after 17 years of being told I was infertile due to military service, I have a thriving real estate development business that was started in 2016, and I’m back in school pursuing a master’s degree in psychology… all at the age of 50! I’m looking at this as a ‘reinventing of myself year’… and I feel like I owe it all to Jarrad for ‘opening the door’ into the memory of my ‘I AM’ Presence… If you want the tools to help you change your perspective ON life… which will change the way you LIVE life… and ultimately lead you to an awesome experience OF life… then I plead with you to jump on board with Jarrad.” – Harvey Ryan

“Amazing things have happened in my life Energetically, Physically and Emotionally now that Jarrad’s New Journeys have opened yet even more Doors. Physically… aches and pains have simply disappeared. In the last ten days while incorporating the information from these journeys my left knee has regained a new mobility that has resulted in my ability to climb with a full range of motion — and actually run against an underwater current in 3 ft. of water. Emotionally, I am ecstatic to experience the joy of running again.” – Caroline D