With the energies of the equinox now in ful bloom, we head into a new energy of balance, peace, and love. In this energy, manifestation continues to be a vibration that is shifting, changing, and opening in new and ever-expansive ways, brining the Angelic and Devic Realms into Alignment with Portals and Gateways within what we tend to think of as the Crystalline realms, thus, inviting in a whole new connection to Crystalline energies and support in transformation and manifestation.

Recently, I gave a channel discussing the relationship and physical placement and nature of what we tend to think of as Angelic realms and how those relate to the Ascended Master energies, the Devic beings, and their relationships to our own dimensional awareness and expansion. With no pun intended, it absolutely ROCKED!

Within the September exploration of our earth and creative energies, we now come to one of my absolute favorite topics: Crystrals. Many people – my old self included – have an interesting understanding of how and what crystals are. They are, in fact, gateways, portals, bridges, information, and a huge part of the devic and angeliuc kingdoms, themselves. When we attune to these frequencies and energies, we are actually opening and attuning to our own true Higher Selves, through support that we have left in place, in order to remind, inspire, and help guide us. As part of tthgis years Rocktober, I am going to include this call – as it is absolutely a master class on the nature of crystals as well as how the “woo” becomes physically manifest and the relationship between all of the “moving parts” of our universe, and beyond!

And, on top of that, it’s just plain FUN!!

October and November are aligning planetarily (and as above so below) with new openings of support, potentials, and new possibilities, and with this energy, I have chosen some amazing new ways to help you unlock and open to even more of this awesome energy, while also learning to ground in new ways – open ways, which feel light, warm, gooey… HOME.

This month, I have an amazing balance of brand new tracks, meditations, crystals and gem stones, to help you open, balance, heal, and create in some AWESOME and FUN new ways!

“Rocktober” is a very special, once a year time, where we get to focus on healing and expansion in a way which many people find much easier and more supportive than a lot of traditional energy work.

It’s about having physical and energetic support just for you!

We’ve all heard the expression, “Everything is Energy.” But what does that TRULY mean about us, our world, our beliefs, environment, and how EVERYTHING comes to be?

It means that every single thing in this universe is made up of energy – call it atoms, protons, molecules, etc, etc, all the way down to particle physics, the scientific world has validated what many in the spiritual world have known throughout time: “We are all connected.” In this connectedness, we also exist or have the perception of individuation.

Each and every thing in existence has its very own unique vibratory signature.

Scientifically speaking, we can actually measure the waves of energy that form with anger, depression, happiness, joy, as well as the vibratory signature of every single thing in the known universe.


We can’t see television waves, but we know they are there – whether we are conscious of them or not. We can turn on a television set and tune in to any one of these particular frequencies and see that a whole world exists within the bandwidth of just one station.

Radio is the same way… and People throughout the world use cell phones and electricity every single day…

Well, nature has its own version of television – it’s called FREQUENCY!

You may have also heard it referred to as “vibration” or “energy.”

We are a field of energy existing in a larger field, within a larger field, within a larger field, etc. Simply put, we can look at it using the example of living in a town, within a larger county, within a larger state, within a larger country, within a larger continent, within a larger world, etc.

Within that world, through stress, tension, dis-ease, poverty, relationships, jobs, and a myriad of other scenarios, our fields, energy, and physical body itself can become muddled as our energy fields become distorted, imbalanced, disrupted, or damaged by belief systems, templates, thoughts, etc.

As we take on this energy, we begin to create drag, imbalance, and resistance in our own energy that literally holds us in a pattern of lack and limitation throughout all areas of life!

The reverse is also true. Science has found that frequency is determined by the rate of vibration your atomic molecules are experiencing at any given time, and scientists have also found that the higher your vibration, the more positive emotions you experience.

This creates a self fulfilling cycle.

“How do I know what my dominant vibration is?”


What are you creating on a day to day basis?
Do you have enough energy?
What does your love life look like?
How do you feel?
How are your finances?

These are all indications!

And just like a soup stalk, what we put into our immediate environment – what we surround ourself with – effects how we vibrate, how we feel, and what we are able to create and sustain!

Attaining and MAINTAINING high frequencies of LOVE, HEALTH, RADIANCE, ABUNDANCE, JOY, etc., are critical for experiencing a life of EASE and JOY!

You Will Attract Into Your Life and Create SOLELY BASED ON
The Dominant Frequency of your Energy Field.

This is “the big secret.” It is also a Universal Law.

Mastering your own frequency will turn you into a Manifesting Genius and you will truly astonish yourself and those around you with what you can achieve within a short span of time!!

And so I am about to share with you tools that will allow you to completely shift into a Super High Frequency where only Divine gifts will be attracted to you on a constant and regular basis.

...So How Does This Apply to This Very Special RockTober?

I’m glad I asked 😉

Let’s start with the Rock part!


These are the actual crystals, gems, and stones in the 2017 RockTober Program Package.

RockTober includes FOURTEEN – the largest collection yet!! – great sized ALL NEW SUPER CHARGED BY JARRAD Crystals and Gems, 15 Frequency Tracks, a New Musical Frequency Healing Album, An 85 Page Ebook to tell you all about the stones and how to use them, Live weekly calls, Daily Energy Work, Memebrship Site, Daily Interaction with Jarrad, and TONS more.

Rocktober 18 is the Biggest Roctober Yet!

Crystals and gems have been an important part of healing and spiritual practices for eons. Crystals carry SOME OF THE highest and MOST PURE Healing and Expanding vibrations on Earth. When you seek the help of a gem stone or crystal you are enlisting a powerful ally to “raise” your vibrational frequency. No matter what the stone is used for its effect is always an increase in your vibrational frequency.

So, how is it that healing stones can have such a profound effect on us?

The therapeutic benefits of crystals and rocks may still be a mystery to some of the modern medical associations, but anyone who has ever held a soothing quartz knows how powerful stone can be.

The subtle vibrational levels of healing stones, crystals and rocks may be beyond the realm of most scientists but once you’ve experienced it for yourself you’ll know that the ancient mystics have a lot to teach us!

In fact quartz crystals are used in wristwatches, clocks, radios, computers and cellphones because they have a precisely defined natural frequency (based on its size and shape) at which it prefers to oscillate. In electronics they use this to stabilize the frequency of a voltage. In healing we use it to stabilize your dominant personal frequency!

One of the early pioneers of silicon chip technology was Nobel prize-winning scientist Marcel Vogel. He made a discovery while working as a research scientist for IBM that shook the core belief systems of his scientific peers. Vogel discovered that not only can crystals be programmed as silicon chips in a computer but they also can be programmed with thought.

A person sitting at a computer inputs his thoughts through a keyboard. This is stored in the computer’s silicon chips via the medium of electricity. Vogel reasoned that like electricity, thought is a form of energy which is given direction by our intention. He concluded that crystals could also be programmed without the need for electricity by just using thoughts or clear intention and he designed a multitude of experiments to validate his quantum theories.

…AND I am about to share with you an amazing way to harness the power of crystalline energy through frequency!

This is your chance to experience this energy for yourself! Whether your intention is:

  • Healing
  • Releasing
  • Creating
  • Charging Your Home, Office, and Environment!
  • Amplifying Energy Work
  • Cleaning and Charging Your Own Stones
  • Meditation
  • Bringing in Love

This energy can be used ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE you want to create a higher vibrational reality!

These are the stones I have in my own home, many of which I use in my own practices and meditations each and every day. And now, you can access the energetic gifts and healing frequencies of each of these powerful stones!

This is an awesome chance to get an amazing collection of some of the most highly charged crystals on the planet – hand picked by me – along with an entirely new album of silent and musical frequency tracks, 21 days of crystalline energy work for aligning, healing, opening, and more, PLUS membership site access for questions, and so much more!

You’ll receive 14 (The most ever !) brand new SUPER CHARGED healing stones to use around your home or office, travel, healing, meditation, sleep aids, and so much more! These stones average 2 inches in size – the exact sizes and stones I use while meditating and creating crystalline frequency tracks! I hand-picked these stones myself based on their vibrations and energy, and THEY ARE AWESOME!

This what October with Jarrad is all about!!


To help open, balance, heal and create in new AMAZING ways!


Daily Remote Energy Work

Jarrad Hewett, International #1 Best Selling Author
You’ve felt the Energy on Calls, Journeys, and Meditations, but what if you had 20 minutes A DAY of this beautiful, supportive Energy, helping you to integrate into this new space and leave the old behind?
The energy in these stones, along with all the new tracks and material will help to move you into a calm and open space, free from the reactive mind, and into a space where you begin to open up to more miracles, healing, mastery, and abundance – Simply put, we are opening the Universe.
Along the way, you will be FULLY supported with 20 minutes each day of peaceful and gentle remote energy work to help you integrate quickly and move beyond the stories and illusions, and into a receptive state for healing – and then releasing that paradigm – entering into an active state of conscious creation!


Total Access to the Membership Site for Individual Guidance!

I have created a wonderful membership site specifically for this 21 day immersion! You will be able to communicate with ME DIRECTLY, as well as other conscious creators, in what has become one of the most celebrated sites on the web! Blog, post photos, get access to bonus material, and more!
Ask as MANY questions as you’d like. Last July, I answered over 2300 personal questions - in just that one month. THAT IS HOW ACTIVE I AM ON OUR SITE! This is FOR YOU! You get to meet and greet and feel supported by not just me, but by many fellow creators who have been in your shoes 🙂
Even though we don’t officially begin until October 9th, you will gain instant access to the Downloads, New tracks, Daily Energy Work, and all of the Bonus Material. Your stones will also be mailed immediately. New Members will be able to access the site early, beginning October 6th.


Crystalline Journey with Jarrad

Chakra Health and Wholeness by Jarrad Hewett
This is what you call “stacking the deck!” One of Jarrad’s most loved events, this live call will be a combination of healing music and energy work to really amplify and expand your energy to make the most of beautiful experience that is RockTober!
We will be activating the various gems and really having a great time with these energies of ABUNDANCE AND MANIFESTATION!
Go deep with Jarrad on this Live call for some guided journeys and lots of healing and fun.
Jarrad has set this track to a remarkable series of frequencies that take you even deeper into creating and transforming your reality. Embrace your potential and get ready to steer yourself down the perfect path!


Weekly Live Calls and Light Language Channels

If you have not participated in one of these Live Event Calls recently, you will be in awe of just how much new information and support is included. Nothing is held back during these amazingly loaded 21 days of growth and heart-opening. This is a space for LIFE CHANGING expansion, and to help go even further, we will be having 3 in-depth, LIVE calls - FILLED with amazing energy and remote frequencies, where you'll get to call in and explore and play in this vast, expansive, energy of the ascended heart, creation, and anything you choose – moving into a whole new world.
These calls are SPECIFICALLY geared towards connecting you to the full-on, infinite vibrations of Source Energy, opening you up to these multi-dimensional energies of expression and creation as well as maintaining FULL ON SUPPORT throughout the entire 21 days in October through guided meditations, one on one questions, Crystalline Downloads, and so much more!
The intention for these calls is to take you further into the healing and knowingness of Source while opening you into the infinite love of who you really are – beyond all stories, entering and becoming the blank page - and creating a space of Instant Awakening, Healing, Love, and Expansion. We will be going deep and doing work for everyone on these calls.


Many of you have been waiting MONTHS for the unveiling of this year’s stones…


Garnet also exemplifies energies of hope, empowerment, and all things nurturing from Mother Earth. It is a stone of prosperity and abundance. Associated with the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, Garnet is a deeply spiritual stone.

It is a stone of protection and inspiration, bestowing vitality and charisma, and assists in owning one’s gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others. It aligns the Base and Crown Chakras, and stimulates warmth and gentleness, unifying creative forces of the self.

Garnet is known for its utilization of creative energy. It grounds and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane, thereby helping us problem solve, create with ease, and manifest our dreams. Garnet is also a sensual stone. It represents primordial fire, the creation, purification and love, thereby helping to heal old wounds around sexuality, as well.


Pyrite is often called “Fool’s Gold,” though there is nothing foolish about this awesome energy. Within its gleaming beauty is a stone of hidden fire, passion, and radiance, allowing our inner wisdom to radiate forth.

A piece of Pyrite in the home or workplace energizes the area around it and imparts an immediate increase in vitality and creativity. It overcomes intellectual fatigue due to overwork and tiredness of the nervous system by stimulating blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity, focus and recall.

Pyrite is a unique protector, drawing energy from the Earth through the physical body and into the aura creating a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants, emotional attack and physical harm. It also supports one with a spirit of boldness and assertive action when protecting others, the planet, or in standing up for important issues of community. It stimulates the Second and Third Chakras, enhancing will power and the ability to see behind facades to what is real.


Malachite personifies the deep healing green of nature and represents the innate beauty of creation and Truth. It is a Stone of Transformation, assisting one in changing situations and providing for spiritual growth. It heals on physical and emotional levels, drawing out impurities and stimulating the Life Force throughout the aura and body.

With its pure energy rays of green, Malachite is dedicated to the Heart Chakra and is a stone of pure support. Located near the center of the breastbone, it regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment. When the heart chakra is out of balance you may feel either controlling or controlled in a relationship, and become critical of the little foibles of others. You may well find yourself having inappropriately strong emotional responses to everyday external stimuli.

Green crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the heart chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions clearly. We can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.



With the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray, Sunstone is a Stone of Leadership – of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Truly reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, mental clarity.

Sunstone is an abundance stone. It encourages independence and originality, is inspirational in revealing talents, and attracts fame and unexpected prosperity.


Charoite is an incredible stone of the Violet Ray. Along with it’s beautifully transmutative properties, this stone embodies a unique synthesis between the Crown and Heart Chakras, bringing high spiritual energy into union with unconditional love from the physical plane, and grounding it here on Earth where it is needed most.

Charoite is a stone for overcoming and releasing fear and negativity. It allows one to recognize and examine the cause of unconscious fears, as well as deeply rooted, internalized negativity, and to discriminate between what is real and what the mind has created. Its cleansing energy aligns the heart and intellect and allows one to see oneself, and others, through a spirit of unconditional love and acceptance. It encourages flexibility and “letting go” of negative vibrations, and inspires one to move forward in relationships and in viewing the world.

Simply put, it aligns one with their true nature and self as Source, observer consciousness, united with an Open heart of Divine Love.


Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It is considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

Associated with the Throat chakra, Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking or even knowing ones truth, and is an excellent stone for seekers and spiritual growth in all. It relaxes one to a state of consciousness in which they are fully aware of their own truths, wisdom and feelings, and able to articulate them with clarity and conviction. It also allows one to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations.

It is a stone of angelic connection.


This Cosmic Light Consciousness stone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. It is marvelous for increasing creativity and cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization.

It encourages blessings and prosperity as well as feeling of ebing “Home” wherever you are, internally as well as externally.


Emerald energy represents hope and the future, renewal and growth. It is a Seeker of Love and a Revealer of Truth, inspiring an ongoing search for meaning, justice, compassion and harmony.

Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. Emerald promotes friendship, balance between partners, and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty.

Emerald is also a stone of great vision and intuition, associated with the eyes and sight, long believed to foretell future events and reveal one’s truths. It is a stone of wisdom, enhancing memory and increasing mental clarity. It combines intelligence with discernment, and brings to the conscious mind what is unconsciously known. Emerald also increases focus and intent, activating psychic abilities and opening clairvoyance.


Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family with a cryptocrystalline structure, perfect for magnifying its crystal energy to soothe and restore balance, from the conscious mind to the inner child, this is known as a “speakers stone,” also helping one become clear about ones own voice and what one wishes to make manifest out in the world.

Considered a nurturing stone, Chalcedony absorbs negative energy and dissipates it before it can be passed on. It promotes brotherhood and good will, opening the mind to new ideas, instilling feelings of benevolence and generosity.

As a stone of peace and peace-making, Chalcedony encourages stillness and calm in the home for those at odds with one another, vying for their place in the pecking order. Chalcedony eases self-doubt and brings a helpful peace to inner reflection. It can remove hostility and encourage a light-hearted optimism towards life both at the inner and outer levels of awareness.


Topaz contains an energy of opulence and luxury, generosity, vibrancy, and strength. Its energy brings true love and fidelity, friendship, and a gentle nature, bestowing the gifts of courage and wisdom, and success in all endeavors. Its energy transcends both time and space, and is a loving, beneficial energy for all.

Topaz diffuses and radiates its gentle power in all directions, soothing, healing, stimulating and recharging, while also bringing solid, lasting energy, joy, generosity and abundance.

Topaz brings an awareness of one’s thoughts and deeds and a cosmic awareness and understanding of the “big “picture” and how one fits into it all. It dissolves mental attachments and purifies emotions, helping to heal the soul, while also enhancing spiritual development, and working to clarify one’s intention and align it with Divine Will in order to manifest it in the physical world.

Topaz removes stuck or stagnant energy, and allows one to discover their inner wealth of knowledge and abilities, and push creative and spiritual endeavors to the limit. It is highly effective for honing psychic and intuitive gifts, especially clairvoyance and clairsentience, and is a remarkable stone of truth, permitting one to perceive the truth in others and to maintain adherence to the truth in oneself.


Opal brings a full spectrum of Light energy to the system, soothing and clearing the emotional body, and boosting inner strength and vitality as well as the joy of one’s earthly existence. It brings optimism, enthusiasm and creativity, and inspires love and passion.

Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and stimulates flashes of intuition and insight, while also working with the individual in a deep and loving way.

Opal is considered to be extremely lucky and the most uplifting, bringing Light into the aura. It eases distress and dissolves depression and hopelessness, helping one face their darkest fears and to release that which is holding one back. Linking the Root and Crown Chakras, Opal connects one’s highest spiritual aspirations with one’s physical body, making it a powerful magnifier of intention and manifestation.


This variation is even more soothing than green Opal, and has all the properties of the “land of milk and honey.” Known as heaven’s Opal, this variant in the opal family is ooey, gooey, love in action!


Want To Magnetically Attract What You Desire?

This is the stone for you!

Lodestone is a potent stone for manifestation, helping you to attract what you most desire, including both desirable situations and people. This form of the stone is naturally magnetic. It has an impressive capacity to balance the hemispheres of the brain, while creating a space of balance in your field for receptivity and growth.

Lodestone helps to bring us whatever we desire most in life, and its magnetic properties makes it a highly effective spiritual grounding stone, helping us to pull to us all we desire while also releasing the energies we no longer resonate with.


One of the most important uses of Indigo Gabbro is through expanding your knowledge and providing you with insight.

Indigo Gabbro is nicknamed the ‘wise soul’ because it can dig up your deep-rooted issues in your innermost self, help you transmute old blocks, and reconnect with pure Source.

Indigo Gabbro is perfect for opening to intuition and messages via meditations and dreams, making it a great stone for intuitive learning and for connecting with your Higher Self and Source, Directly.

This energy signifies the wisdom that the greatest beauty that you can find in your life is your True Connection to Source, and that through this connection, you can create the life of your Dreams!


FIFTEEN ALL NEW Musical Frequency Journeys

I’ve created 15 all new musical frequency journeys – set to music – and infused with the vibrations and healing frequencies of EACH STONE to help you maximize the healing potentials of each stone.
That’s an ENTIRE ALBUM of Healing Music to use in your home, office, and environment, as well as for use in your own healing practices personally and professionally, and your daily expansion!
Each Track was chosen by the energy of the stones as a wonderful vehicle to express the energies, in a way to help them come alive even more, and deliver a rich and immersive healing experience like never before.

As if that wasn’t MASSIVE ENOUGH… You will ALSO get:



This package will include silent frequency tracks containing the pure crystalline energies of each stone. You can take these tracks with you to charge your water, environment, and even your stones! They will help clean and clear other stones as well as charge your home or office with the healing and calming benefits of each stone!


All New 85 Page Crystal Healing E-Book

This 85 Page E-Book was Created to help you understand the frequencies of each stone and track included in this MASSIVE new package. You’ll discover the healing properties of each stone as well as their meditative uses, some color therapies, spiritual properties, historical significance, fung shei techniques, and so much more!
This all new e-Book will allow you to explore this energy and become a master within one setting.
Whether you’re learning an entirely new modality, or opening yourself up to even more knowledge, you will be absolutely amazed at the amount of knowledge jam-packed into this awesome PDF!

PLUS, To Help Those Of You Who Are New To Energy Healing And Conscious Creation, Jarrad Is Also Including Some Of His Core Curriculum To Help You Grow And Create Even Faster!


Exploring the Angelic Realm
Master Class

Channeled in September of this year, this was an extraordinary look at the Angelic Kingdom and how it overlaps and works with the Ascended Master energies, as well as how crystals came into being, and how it all relates and correlates to dimensional awareness and expansion, through the I AM Presence, and into sovereignty and the ability to manifest and create.


21 DAYS of Energy Work

Live Daily Support

Q & A with Jarrad through the membership site

ALL NEW LIVE Frequency Radio Broadcast

3 Weekly Calls

14 ALL NEW Amazing Healing Stones – hand-picked and charged by Jarrad for their quality, vibration, and strength!

15 ALL NEW Crystalline Musical Frequency Tracks designed to move you into Abundance and Expansion in EVERY AREA OF LIFE

AN ENTIRE COLLECTION of Silent Crystalline Frequency Tracks for your home or office

ALL NEW Crystal Healing E-book and Guide to Learn All about Your New Stones!


Membership Site Opens When You Sign Up! All Items Can Be Downloaded Immediately – Kickoff is Rocktober 9th!

This is like a POWER-PACKED 21 DAY Program – Complete with the new musical frequency albums and TONS of new material, 21 Days of Healing, Membership Site, Live Calls, Support, Live Frequency Radio, PLUS a COMPLETE COLLECTION of some of the most POWERFUL Healing stones Available –FOR JUST $297.00!

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Make This A ROCKTOBER To Remember!

SIGN UP TODAY & Join me for a Rock-in October like you’ve never experienced before!

Note: Payment Plan Is AVAILABLE

You’ll get all downloads upon first payment, and your stones will ship immediately following your second.**

The Focus of These Energies will be on Abundance with Ease, Joyful Creation and Transformation, and Exponential Expansion…

Grab your new crystalline friends, and join us for
The Biggest Rocktober Yet!

*The above information about crystals is not intended as a substitute for medical advice*

You Can also Get the Entire Month and Package without the Stones,
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