Master Classes with Jarrad

Master Classes with Jarrad

These all new master 60 minute classes were recorded over a three week period in September of 2016, so they are both BRAND NEW as well as incredibly topical and pertinent to the energies on the planet right now.

Jarrad’s natural abilities to see, feel, and hear all forms of energy have given him unique insight into the underlying framework and process of creation, as well as how you can heal and reshape your future by restructuring your energetic fields, belief systems, etc. right now.

How Do I Create reality?

In This First ALL-NEW Class, you will learn EXACTLY how you create your life and will be given tools to help begin shifting your reality right now. Through channel, light language activations, and a massive energy, Jarrad will guide you to your biggest block right now and help you see exactly how to shift it!

What REALLY happens “after” this life?

In part two, you will be able to learn what one fear underlies EACH AND EVERY block we have to creation, and what our greatest fear truly is. Beyond that, you will be guided through a gentle release, where you will explore what happens “beyond the veil” as for THE FIRST TIME EVER Jarrad goes in-depth into what actually happens when we die.

This information and in-depth exploration of the “death” process ARE NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE ON THIS PLANET

Sovereignty, the chakra illusion, and more!

As a multi-dimensional being, you might look at the energy systems most are familiar with and call them limiting, yet, because so many begin their journey into awakening through mental understandings, different conceptions have formed throughout time which were meant to give us as humans a way in which to understand how to create and who we truly are. Over time, those methods and modes were accepted as reality, and we forgot that as we expand, so does our awareness.

The Chakra System as most people know it is a construct of that lower dimensional energy. In Truth, chakras are any spaces and places within YOU where you birth and connect into your own Light. Join Jarrad as he explains and explores a bigger awareness of your beingness which transcends modality, wherein, as you awaken to your expanded self, you awaken your ability to create reality through the open heart of divine love.

Join Jarrad for these POWERFUL and enlightening, 3 hour workshop where you’ll learn all about Energy, Awakening, and Multi-Dimensional Reality. These Incredibly packed audio recordings contain some of his most amazing remote energy work to date.

Note: These calls are PACKED with information which will awaken parts of your divinity you may have shut down. Spontaneous healings and shifts often happen. Please drink plenty of water while listening and give yourself ample time to rest and integrate these powerful frequencies.

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