Conscious Creation University 2018

YOUR Ultimate Transformation has Arrived!

This is Conscious Creation from Kindergarten all the way through Grad School!! This new Intimate Soul Group Journey will be all-inclusive - the MOST PERSONAL PROGRAM Jarrad offers all year – including one on one time in PRVATE SESSION!

This program will introduce you to NEVER BEFORE MADE PUBLIC techniques and technologies as well as offer – EXCLUSIVELY, not available any other time or through any other program – A Private, One on One session with Jarrad Himself!  You’ll also receive never before offered Technology in the form of Jarrad’s brand new Energy Mastery Program – years in the makingnew EXCLUSIVE  tracks

This will be an experience unlike ANY OTHER!

Meet One on One with Jarrad!

Go Beyond The Infinite with CCU and Jarrad Hewett

  • Private Session with Jarrad
  • UPDATED SHEETS (New Sheet 8) for 2018 to Do This Work From Home
  • Ten New Devotionals from Jarrad’s Upcoming Book

SOLELY FOR THIS GROUP, NEW JOURNEYS, NEW FREQUENCY TRACKS, a brand new whole body and field energy scan with personalized frequency track for full biological and energetic harmonization created based on your personal vibrational calibration and results, Jarrad’s New Ten Day Devotional, a new personally channeled symbol for the Energies of 2018 - with LIGHT LANGUAGE ACTIVATION, All New Activation Video, Weekly Live Calls four times each month, Live Frequency Radio/Journey Broadcasts each month, A Video Activation for Manifestation and Mastery, An amazing membership site of love, and support, The Ability to Choose YOUR OWN Frequencies for Personalized Healing Sessions with and without music, plus so much more...

Jarrad Hewett, International #1 Best Selling Author

Item 1
Exclusive and Extremely Rare Opportunity for Your very own One on One with Jarrad

30 Minute Private Session with Jarrad

People around the world from all walks of life have experienced Huge Growth, Amazing Breakthroughs, and Life-Changing Manifestations with Jarrad’s Energy Journeys and Remote sessions, and now you can too, LIVE one on one with your own Private Session!

You’ve most likely experienced Jarrad’s Energy, Insights, and Activations on Programs such as The You Wealth Revolution and Healing with The Masters, as well as felt his powerful frequencies on programs across the globe – But now you can experience this UNPRECEDENTED high level energy work One On One with JARRAD HIMSELF in your own Personal and Private Session! This is the only time of year and only program in which Jarrad offers one on one sessions.

*Private Sessions will fill up FAST, and booking will begin when you register! So the faster you act, the sooner your session will be had! 

These sessions are bound to be literally out of this world!

Valued at $650.00

This Ultimate Journey of Conscious Creation University - a near six month tour de creation - will officially Kick-Off on March 1st with a live, action packed call - The Ultimate Party.

From there, this amazing and special group will meet up Four Times a month for 60 minute calls that will be PACKED with powerful new Releases, Channels, clearing techniques, meditations, and best of all – PLENTY of LIVE Q and A for your Biggest Shifts, Growths, and Manifestations!

This Year’s CCU is the most expansive yet!

In Addition to the Private Sessions and Retreat Calls per Month, There will be Yet ANOTHER BRAND NEW PROGRAM

Item 2
Mastery Video and Activation
from Jarrad

To set the stage for the vibrant healing and manifestation energies of 2018, Jarrad has created a 20 minute series on Mastery – in both VIDEO and AUDIO forms – which immediately set a space for mastery and Self Knowledge, Love, Forgiveness, Healing, and so much more.

This video and the energy within is all about manifestation and what it truly means to be the master of your field and will provide an immediate reset whenever you require one, throughout this entire program and beyond.

This Freedom Activation Opens you to not only creating what you desire, but to being able to holding the space for all you create, and to create it with ease, joy, love, and abundance.

Jarrad will also be offering – for the first time ever – his all new video and audio course…


Breath of Light

Did you know that you are breathing in particles of Light which have been on this planet since its inception?
The same molecules of energy breathed in by the Budha, Christ, and so many other masters flows through the current of this Universe in the form of energy, through the air, and through the water. Breath itself, is the Divine Connection to Life. It is Divine Current, and it is one of the ways we continuously flow through and into Oneness and Harmony.

We breathe every minute of every day, and with every breath in and out, we are creating our physical world, as well as our inner world. In this all new program, Jarrad will walk you through how to consciously program your breath so as to constantly be breathing in a pure connection to Divine Love, while exhaling blocks and “energy goo” you may have been cycling through your field for generations.

This brand new program begins with a video from Jarrad explaining the connection between breath and mastery, as well as demonstrating a movement of energy many of you have heard him do and experienced him doing on calls.

This is one of the energetic tools Jarrad has utilized in his own process of ascension, and for the first time ever, he is teaching it and bringing it to the world, so that every breath you take, is a connection to source, and a letting go of what no longer serves.

The video will set the stage for a wider connection to all you are, helping you to move directly into the heart, releasing everything and clearing your field, allowing inspiration and new energies to birth, while the 9 individual Audio tracks will be incremented as you will want to start slowly, and will be set with specific intentions for money, love, healing, and so much more.

This is truly a program of source love, discovery, mastery, and expansion!


Special CCU Personal Manifestation Symbol
Exclusively for 2018

Jarrad Can Even Translate Your All New Personal Symbol During Your
Private Session!
That’s right! In another CCU Exclusive, Jarrad will translate the meaning of your symbol to help you understand, unlock, unfold, and activate like never before!
The energy of these symbols will represent the energies of mastery and manifestation from all aspects of the Soul and Self as we move into this Powerful Time of Connection and Love. Each Personal Symbol will be communication from you outside of time and space and will carry energetic signatures and activations to help you open up to the new places and spaces you are wanting to birth in this experience while clearing, releasing, healing, and transmuting the old – Fully Stepping Into All You Are.
These symbols are a physical expression of coded Light Language and Energetic Light DNA, and are composed of Strong Energy – So Strong, that the first time I channeled symbols for a large group, I went through 5 lap-top computers, three cell phones, and blew out a television.
Your symbol will represent the Awakening and Expansion of you through the entire program and beyond, into Self Mastery! By invoking these personalized and individually tailor made symbols – just like you would the creation formula – you will be able to have your OWN PERSONAL FORMULA to help you expand along with the private session with Jarrad, the 4 hours a month of live calls, and the personal support of the new and improved membership site!
Jarrad will tap into your energy field and create a symbol SOLELY FOR YOU, AND he will also include a Language of Light Holographic DNA Activation and Amplification MP3 based off of the energy of your symbol, so that you have a clearer feeling of where your energy is currently heading, and where your soul is wanting to move.
The accompanying personal and sacred activation is intended to help you open and expand on every level and to Open you up to Mastery like Never Before!
EXCLUSIVE OFFER Valued at $850.00



Jarrad will be Creating not just your own personal symbol activation, but he will also include a VIDEO Activation for this and ALL Symbols!

Over the years working with the symbols, Jarrad has found that by utilizing a specific activating technique, people have been able to feel and integrate the energies of the creation formula symbols, journey symbols, as well as their own symbols in wider, more advanced ways.

This video activation will be something you can utilize with ANY symbol in your library, past, present, or future!

In Another CCU Exclusive…

*You'll Also be able to Focus on What's Most Important to YOU, with...


Choose Your Own Musical and Silent
Frequency Track

In ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE TO CCU – Yes! there are a lot of those this year – I am going to make you a track of your own choosing, just like I do for the vibrational sound therapy programs! You get to choose the topic, and I will make you both a silent track AND a musical journey! Put another way…
Do you sometimes feel like you're missing a particular piece to your own puzzle? This is your chance to experience what it would be like to put that puzzle together and let yourself be whole 🙂

This Journey is ALL ABOUT YOU!! Many people have never been in a situation where they felt totally loved, or pampered, or even safe to express, so to help you grow and expand and journey into WHATEVER you want to Experience, you will have the opportunity to write in and let me know what it is EXACTLY that you would like to experience!

You can send in three topics, and I will create a PERSONALIZED silent AND musical frequency track – just like I do in the Vibrational Sound Therapy programs - for you to play whenever and WHEREVER you want to access and enjoy the energy of your choosing!

This is an all new once in a lifetime opportunity – one among many - to have your own personal access to this technology and create whatever kind of track you wish.
And, for the first time ever, you will not only get a silent track, but a musical version, as well!


Your Very Own Personal Energy Scan and Bio Energy Signature Report

Every member of our journey will receive a one of a kind, unique full body energy scan using more than 10,000 hours of frequency work to provide you with a complete energy read out as well as a personally crafted, multi-frequency mp3 meant to facilitate balance and harmony at every level specific to you and your individual field report.

Using the latest sonic energy field technology as well as the power of meridian energy, bio-feedback programs, radiant energy bio-metrics, scalar field therapies, and Jarrad's own Quantum Technology Frequency Method, (w)hologram and energy fields will be scanned and checked at every single level - chemical, cosmic, emotional, ethereal, etc., and a Seven point report will be compiled and delivered along with a personally recorded mp3 - just for you - of the frequencies helpful in creating wholeness in your energy and bio field based on your personal and unique energy signature!

Special Note from Jarrad:

“I've used the tech, and I've used it for Shannon and her family, my family, pets, friends, as well as a few others, but we've only done it one other timer as a wide offer because it's a little time crazy... BUT this will allow each and every one of you to snap a photo with your phone (or send in a photo), it doesn't even need to be particularly new. I've used new photos and old photos... and wouldn't you know it, beyond the "picture" EVERY TIME, to a "T" I've had results that I actively expected based on the energy I was seeing in myself and others.

Because this is time consuming, and because I want to scan your entire field - physical, mental, emotional, chemical, cosmic, etc., as well as the holographic dimensions and anything and anything around you that you may be holding, feeling, manifesting, etc, we're going to start with the scanning as soon as you register! So, even though the group doesn't start until March 1st, depending on the placement of your order, your scan may arrive much sooner, meaning you will have a head start and some extra time to integrate the energies!"

Valued at $350.00

And this is all just the beginning of what could very well be the most transformational, empowering, and healing opportunity of your life!


Daily Devotionals

Jarrad’s New Book, Energy is The Answer, is a 30 day guide to Creating your Ideal Life, Embracing True Abundance, and Knowing Your Worth from Within. These ten anecdotes and daily devotionals were pulled from the book, specifically for CCU. You will not only be getting a sneak peek at 50 plus pages, you will also be receiving ten new meditations and daily devotionals to help you live your greatest, most expanded, abundant life, now!

Unleash Your Full Power and Potential


Weekly Live Calls

To facilitate maximum growth and integration during our powerful and transformative time together, we will be joining together three times a month for what are sure to be life-altering, perspective shattering, amazingly creative and powerful 60 Minute Live Calls creating a Huge Opportunity for Support, Awakening, and Love! These will be our teaching, channeling and Q and A calls and will be in addition to the monthly frequency radio broadcasts as well as additional calls which may be scheduled!

Beginning March 1st, This Awakening Event Series will consist of Transformative Live Channels and Energy Retreats which will be SPECIFICALLY geared towards opening you up to the full-on, infinite Love of Source, Connection to All that you are - at every level, including an expanded and new awareness of guidance and clarity! These calls will also focus on Support from Pure Source Energy as well as maintaining FULL ON SUPPORT throughout the entire experience - ONLY for this group.

The goal of this once in a lifetime experience is to take you further than you ever thought you could go in an amazing space of love and bliss all while literally FEELING your vibrations rising as Jarrad does work for everyone on the call AND takes LIVE questions to help heal and bring clarity to the questions most important to YOU!
2018 is shaping up to be a time unlike any other. Now is the time to immersive yourself in light and love and allow yourself to truly heal, release, and birth in new ways. Because of the massive planetary energies and hugely supportive vibrational space held for this community, these calls will be nothing short of transformative!
The goal of our 20 plus live retreat Calls and Gatherings will be to create an amazing space of Healing, Love, Awareness, Aha Moments, and Miracles in which to experience that energy and further integrate the energies of love, joy, vibrancy, fun, healing, and support even further into our daily lives. Jarrad's own goal will be to bring forth the information and energy relevant to EVERYONE listening...
Valued at $2650.00


All-New Monthly Frequency Radio and Journey Broadcasts!

Once each month, we will gather together for an all new frequency radio experience to heal with energy through music and expand through new channels or recordings, as well as some of my favorite pieces from previous programs. These broadcasts will be elevating and expansive beyond measure.

For those of you who love my musical frequency tracks and energy journeys, these calls will feel like heaven and both move and open MOUNTAINS of energy!

Each month, we will set aside time as a group to really travel deep into the energies of love and mastery, through journeys and tracks, on these incredibly special, fun, and powerful calls.

In Addition to all of this, you will also receive


26 Light DNA Activation Musical Frequency Tracks

For the past five years, Jarrad has created a 52 week program, where each week, he sends one new frequency track. For CCU this year, Jarrad went through all past programs, and pulled 26 of his favorite, most expansive Energetic Musical Frequency Tracks, and he then Amplified them, multiplying the energy field contained in each track, and adding an additional energy of vitality, and Light DNA Activation.
The All New Inclusive Tracks featured with the DNA Light Activation Codes are:

Advanced Reality
Abundance in Business and Work
Body Cleanse
Pure Source Guidance and Purpose
White Light
Release of Wounds
Enhanced Psychic Abilities
Experiencing Zero Point Energy
Expression and Ease
Sacral Flow
And More!

And for the first time available anywhere, Specifically Recorded for CCU…


The Gospel of You
Audio Book

Often times in our lives, we have one specific hurdle to opening up to who we are. For me, it was a true understanding of who I AM and where we come from… what it’s all about. This book was my journey through the religion I was born into, understanding what religion of all kinds represent, how it serves, and how to create a new paradigm within – a Gospel of You, where the Story of your own Divinity is able to manifest and Shine Through in All You Are. This is how I described this journey into my own Mastery:

Life is a collection of stories. The key to living a consciously awake and happy existence is knowing how to change your story at any given moment and adapt in an authentic way always guided by and ever-trending towards Love.

Religion is probably the biggest hurdle humanity faces with this regard.

The Gospel of You isn't about religion, so much as it is about you. It's about what religion truly is, and why you are the way you are. It's about consciousness and God and what both of those words really mean. It's also about why things are the way they are, and why we as people are so reluctant, even resistant to change - even when that change ultimately results in the very things we all say we want: peace, love, abundance, and life ever after.

The Gospel of You is ultimately about freedom from limitation. It is about freedom from fear and suffering. It is about the ability to choose love in every moment, and see that love manifest instantaneously.

It's about you, and it's about God, and it's about how those two things are one and the same.

Available for the first time ever in audio form, Specifically Recorded for CCU, this companion piece to Love, Life, God fills in a lot of blanks and answers age old questions with fun and ease.


Remote Energy Work and Daily Energy Transmissions

This is what we call "stacking the deck!" Along with the remote energy work and activations, there will be transmissions of light - coded to help you expand in a loving, supportive, and healing environment - free from the stressors of the mental mind broadcast, transmitted and channeled three days a week. This pace will allow maximum growth with ease and integration throughout the program.

This energy will help open you up, gently, to all that you are - packing in power, peace, love, harmony, and so much more in these powerful transmissions!

Millions have felt the energy on LIVE Calls, NOW, feel what it's like to have this MASSIVE energy flowing to you and through you as you learn to tap into the INFINITE LOVE of you!

People from all walks of life, at every level of growth, have experienced the Power and Transformation of just a call, an energy journey or frequency track from Jarrad. Now, IMAGINE THE POWER of having this amazing energy work remotely flowing to you, helping you integrate, receive, open, create, and love...

These remote sessions are Powerful catalysts for Growth, Harmony, and Healing!

4 Months of easily integrated, AMAZINGLY supportive energies directed and flowing right to you!

Valued at $14,400

Ask yourself this:

What would my life be like if I received a miracle-filled, open, ready, and supported energy field from which to create my life?

Am I ready to fully embrace the Love, Joy, and ABUNDANCE that is my Divine Right Destiny as the I am That I am?

What would happen if I were FINALLY ready to take charge of my life and LIVE MY DREAMS?

All of this, and so much more is possible!



Updated Sheets for 2018 – Including an All New Sheet 8
Plus Conscious Creation 101 and 999 Retreats

You will not only have the full on support of the group as well as the weekly energy work, The brand new Breath of Light program, your own personal Mastery and Manifestation creation formula, a private session with me, and so much more, BUT through teaching you to use these tools, you will also be able to do the work whenever you want - FOR YOURSELF OR CLIENTS - at home using many of the same tools as I use every day!

IMMEDIATELY, you will have access to two calls – both open to the THIS GROUP ONLY! In the First, Conscious Creation 101, I will be going over the notes, materials, sheets, and teaching you to use the material for discernment, clarity, healing, and creation.

Event Number two: Conscious Creation 999 will be a follow up in-depth, where I will not only teach by example, but go through any questions the group may have, as well as helping everyone understand, integrate, and take your own lives to the Next Level!

PLUS, We will also be having a LIVE CALL EVENT to go deeper into the material, for those of you who really wish to do this work, as I want to take this group into the most open space possible. Whether you are familiar with my work, or just beginning, these two retreats will for from beginner to advanced and you will learn something new EVERY TIME you listen!

The Special Event Call will take the place of one of our regular scheduled monthly calls and you will receive the notes and instructions prior to the call to make this one TRULY one for the ages!

**All Updates – and there are a lot – are highlighted in red – and the sheets have been reformatted this year, making them easier to navigate and use!**

Item 15

Membership Site

Over the last few year’s, participants of Jarrad’s Energy Immersion Programs have built up one of the strongest, supportive, healing, most loving, and absolutely most awesome communities on the web.

Jarrad will be on the site daily and this one of a kind ability to interact gives you access to a safe and loving space in which to ask questions, explore topics, grow, FEEL SAFE, allow yourself to be seen, and express.

This personal membership site also allows you the opportunity to set up your very own profile, post blogs, ask questions of each other - and Jarrad - in the forums, and search from a HUGE array of posts and topics to see how other people - just like you - have found true happiness, health, and freedom.

The site is already LIVE! to read over welcome material and posts from Jarrad as well as to meet and greet each other, etc., beginning when you order. Jarrad will pop in occasionally to say hello starting in January and will be available to answer questions daily beginning two full weeks before the official start of the program, on February 15th.

In addition to the blogs and forum posts with near 6 month access...


You will be getting support at every level - through your ability to walk your talk and receive guidance like never before!

This group is TRULY unlike any you have ever experienced!

This is one of the most intimate programs - if not THE MOST INTIMATE - that has ever been offered! IT IS TRULY A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE

This is Conscious Creation from Pre K all the way into and beyond the infinite.

Jarrad has Re-mixed, with new Music, and New Energies, and Amplified with the Light Code Energies for 2018…


Opening and Expanding your Heart

“This is the Experience of Feeling Loved and Living with an Open Heart”
Release the separation collected and created from this and all other lifetimes, while clearing, cleansing, and opening the heart at every level, allowing for a space of pure Self-knowledge, Reception, and Love.
Create a space where you no longer hold yourself back, hold yourself separate, or hold yourself at fault, entering a space of beautiful interaction and Love with All You Are at a Divine Level, experiencing the Enrapturing Love of All That Is, while opening to See yourself, and the world in a Whole, New Way.
Warning: This Journey Contains a Deep Level of Transformative Shifts, Opening the Heart and Allowing a space to Choose Happiness in New Ways. It is Completely Normal to Have Emotions Surface, and You May Experience Tears as Your Heart Begins to Heal and Open. Due to The Emotional and Connective Nature of this Journey, it is not recommended that you listen to this journey more than once per day.
ALL Journeys Include Spoken Word Journey and Journey with New DNA Meridian Music


Opening to the Fifth Dimension

The 5th Dimension is domain of the Violet Flame, and is the space of the open heart, where creation is instant, and time and space reveal itself as nonlinear. It is the space of synchronicity, love, and opening in a whole, new way, as we move into a new understanding of who we are, and what we desire at the level of our heart, unencumbered by stories or limitation.
Jarrad explains the tri-fold flame of the fifth dimension as he takes you on a journey into the space of 5D opening, merging the “Higher Self” with the individual self, fulfilling the laws of divine love, and opening you to instant manifestation at a new level of creation.
This journey includes an Incredibly Powerful Heart Opening and Activation to help magnetize love, stability, and greater ability to manifest.


Clearing the Way
Inter Dimensional Alignment

Starting with the intention of wholeness, Love, Vitality, Abundance, and Joy, this Light-Filled Journey is going to be a new favorite, as it quickly moves right to the Heart of Divine Love, Lifting Away all that’s Been, and Aligning You and All Energy Bodies with Pure, Divine Source.
This Journey unites all that you are under YOUR direction so that you can create with ease and joy, no longer fighting aspects of yourself or fighting that up-hill battle, while also turning up the vibratory signature of who you are at the wider level, allowing your True Source Nature of ease and Abundance to begin to become the new dominant vibration in your field.
This Journey contains a very powerful activation and process for creation as well as a cleansing and clearing energy and can be used as often as you’d like.
*Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music

Item 19

Grounding and Change

By grounding into change and Integration, we allow ourselves to fully feel whole and complete at every level of our journey, so that we minimize resistance and maximize our progress, growth, and ability to create and expand into and as Divine Flow!
This is one of the MOST Powerful Journeys in this Series, and because of the Amazing Integrating Energies, and the Freedom Which Can Birth as Result, Feel Free to Listen to This as Often as You’d Like.


Bridging the Sixth Dimension

As we open the tri-fold flame of the Ascended Heart, and we open the pituitary/pineal glands to receiving the Light of the One, we begin to enter into the 6th Dimension of Consciousness, which is where we have access to star gates, downloads, and infinite awareness of timelines and transcendence, while still in physical form.
This Powerful Journey is also an Activation of Deep Inner Truth which releases and Lifts aspects of self which are not in harmony with Light and Love of the Truth of Pure Source Energy, so that we may begin to know ourselves both as an Individuated Presence of Source, and as One with All Life, releasing lifetimes of Trauma, so we are left with our own Bright, Shining Light, in the now, activating our memories of what it is to be “Home.”
This journey goes all the way back to our Soul “Origin” and creates Wholeness and Love throughout our entire field.


The Creation bon Fire

Birthed from a Deep Space of allowing, this journey, originally channeled live for a group of five hundred plus, is an intimate embrace of You at the deeper levels, allowing nourishing, love, wholeness, and healing, at all levels.
Allow Source to cleanse and clear your being – body, mind, space, and whole – that you may enter into a life of abundance and expression, opening your throat, and opening to joy and transmutation in new ways, which allow you strength and gnost: true connection, forgiveness, love, wholeness and joy.
Release all cords and attachments, so that you can be filled with the Love and the Light of Source, creating you as Sovereign, Loving, Strong, Joyful, and Clear!


Manifestation: Stepping Into the 4th Dimension

Unify with Source as you choose connection in a new way, allowing pain bodies to dissipate, and duality to lift as you move into a new space of Warmth, Trust, Joy, and Love, as you say “Yes” to Higher Feelings of Pure Source.
Release from disharmony, lessons, Karma, and the template of re-creation so you can make way for new possibilities and potentials, releasing from old habits and cords, while opening you to create from Pure Inspiration, Love, Health, and Support.
Ground in to Your Golden Light Body and Open the Door Way to Conscious Creation in New and Joy-Filled Ways!


Renewing Your Core

An in-depth look at how you define yourself, this power-packed journey goes deep into our definitions of capability, self-worth, self-esteem and more, as we dive deep and uncover the True core of who are.
Lifting the veils of separation, this guided track opens you up to a space of Unity and Sovereignty and introduces a new Energetic Tool – a first in Jarrad’s Journeys – where you will experience “The Silver Fire” wherein you will experience the phenomenon of heat and cold, simultaneously, as the lower density vibrations lift out, and the higher frequencies birth, and any collected consciousness that has been seeded in your field is released, so you may emerge from this process fully connected and Unified as your own I AM Presence, both restoring and creating a space of Full Being and Full Presence.
Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music


Your Future Starts Now

This Powerfully Integrative Journey Introduces a Sparkly Energy to Bring Back Empowerment as we go on a journey Through The Physical Body, Opening you To Creating A New Future, Right Now!

To help bring about the biggest and most spectacular changes possible for those of you just starting this Journey - individually and collectively! – Jarrad is also including a core curriculum featuring his most powerful work so that everyone will have the tools to totally change their reality!


Beyond Creation: Accelerated

Beyond Creation Program Special Offer For Embracing Your Power from Jarrad Hewett
18 Downloads – Over 9 Hours
Remastered with the Language of Light Frequencies
I want this group to have access to as much growth, love, joy, and expansion as they desire, and so, as a HUGE BONUS... I am also including some of my earlier work, including Beyond Creation 1! – re-mastered with the Language of Light Energy Downloads for Maximim Woo!!

Downloads will be available for download immediately.

Even if you have previously used the material in this bonus offering, re-listening and experiencing these journeys anew will allow you to expand and meet even more of who you are – especially now that we’ve revved the engine on the “woo-woo choo-choo” by adding the Language of Light Energies and coding downloads!

Each track, Journey, and Retreat has been layered with massive amounts of Light Language Energy to activate and open your Divine Code – with the exception of the PM Easing into Expansion/Ascension track, which was layered with energy for sleep, integration, and wholeness. I also added quite a bit of work to the 70 minute healing session, making it an amazing tool for 2018 and beyond!

Remember, we have quite a bit of time to spend together – nearly 5 Months - so this is not about hurrying the energy, but about really expanding in an integrative and amazing way, meeting the most loving and creative aspects of who we are at every turn, and allowing one of the greatest unfoldings ever! As such, access to this material will give you the ability to learn the work at every level and be able to have the tools readily available to assist you on your journey during our time together and long after!


Rewiring the Brain for Conscious Creation

“This may be one of the most important pieces ever channeled for creation.”
The brain is so much more than what most on this plane of existence know or understand. The whole brain includes not just the physical brain, but our entire electromagnetic field. It is the mechanism through which all Light is known, and it is the energy field through which we create this reality.
This journey not only rewires the physical brain, but it completely recharges the electromagnetic field, unifying all of our energy bodies into one accord of Divine Love, Presence, and Conscious Creation. Simply put, this is a whole new paradigm of Creation wherein we move, as humans, from using 10-15 per cent of our brain, to USING the ENTIRE BRAIN for creation.


  • A 30 Minute Private Session with Jarrad
  • Mastery Video and Activation
  • Breath of Light Video and Audio program
  • Daily Devotionals from Jarrad’s New Book
  • CCU Exclusive Personal Manifestation and Mastery Symbol and Activation
  • Daily Interaction and Energy Work
  • Your Very Own Personal Energy/Bio Scan and Field Report WITH an accompanying Personal MP3 Frequency Track
  • Two Special Calls and Tools so that you can Learn to do this work yourself or with clients!
  • Blogs, Forums, and Membership Site Support from Jarrad
  • Eighteen! 60 Minute Live EXCLUSIVE Energy Retreats just for this group – with Q and A, new techniques, new information, and so much more!
  • Monthly Frequency Radio and Journey Calls!
  • Interpretation OF YOUR SYMBOL and Light Language Activation
  • Newly Encoded LIGHT DNA Journeys to Make this The Biggest Expansion Yet!
  • An Entire Album of 26 DNA Light Musical Frequency Tracks
  • Remote Energy Work and Daily Support Throughout!
  • Experience FULL Enlightened Consciousness
  • Choose Your own Frequency and get a CUSTOM TRACK With MUSIC just for you

As This will Truly be a Vast Experience of Conscious Creation University, You will Also Receive...


That's right. You are getting not just present support, but future support as well with a complete library - including the unreleased membership calls from 2017 - an additional Huge Healing Catalogue of Master Classes and Retreats!
The entire five month journey, comes complete with your own personal session, every call recorded call from 2017, all new live calls, all new channels, energy transmissions, daily support on the membership site, your own new symbol specific to this journey, your own personal energy scan and life report, a personal mp3 frequency track just for you, dozens of energy journeys and tracks, learning to use "the sheets" and do this work at home, plus a lifetime of empowerment, healing, and joy!
AND the group site will go live for the members in January, making this an almost six month event!
Because of the massive amounts of personalized work, including the new symbols, mp3s, personal body scans, personal frequency tracks, and private sessions,
space will be limited!
This is the MOST EXPANSIVE PROGRAM EVER CREATED at a Price that May never be Duplicated
This Program, complete with never before seen technologies and techniques is valued at well over $17,495 and is a huge savings over other programs with similar content priced at 15-20k!
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