Today I worked on releasing Imprints. Interestingly enough, when this came in this morning, it felt like this rage energy. The word I got was "Berserker." This is the definition of "Berserker:" Berserkers (or berserks) were Norse warriors who are primarily reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury..."

Ultimately, what came in was that there was a need in the collective to feel this type of rage due to a myriad of imprints: ex: "I'm not worthy, so as that energy builds, it explodes, and I either take it out on myself, which causes more rage and hate because I am going against my true nature, or, the same belief, only, now it's "their" fault, and I am going to get revenge.

After clearing that, I began to see things that looked like "healing crisis" within the energy - in other words, all of the imprints that exist around what our physical release must be (the purging, the negative feelings, etc). On top of that was the message, "You can only heal what you can feel." This is a big one that is prevalent in a lot of us on a cellular level. It's built in to our bodies. And it's time to move beyond that as best we can, and to love ourselves as we do it... to know that we are worthy to the point that we can release "worth" from our field, because we now function from our I AM state of being, and in that heart-centered space of love, there is no such concept as worth, because to have worth implies added value or that some things or feelings or people lack worth.


Interestingly, when I invoked the formula "around" imprints, they did not release. I had to specifically invoke it around "releasing imprints" and then bring in the divine love energy as a salve.

Choose love for yourself. For some of you, that might look like having compassion towards your life, choices, friends, family, etc. For others, it may look like taking actions in your life to better create in the physical world the reality you want to experience. Whatever it looks like, love yourself and allow Divine Love - the isness of ALL THAT IS - to permeate every cell of your body. Allow yourself to flow at every level in total love.

Invoke the golden pink and blue lights of self love and actualization.

Lots of love,


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Feeling bad about not feeling bad?

I saw some interesting empowerment energy at play today with in the group that I really wanted to explore and suss out. I've noticed where everyone is individually, and while some are having a great month, others are having some awakening bumps. If it's feeling a little bumpy, I just want to say, "you're not doing it wrong." Nothing is broken :) Today, I wanted to see if I couldn't help eliminate some of those growing pains, so I looked deep into what was going on. On one level, it was just good ok fashioned resistance in the form of "I don't know who I am without struggle, therefore happiness feels empty, like there is nothing to do, and if there's nothing to do, I am depressed or despondent, so to keep myself happy, I will continue to struggle..." This is an age old game that has a lot of its roots in the same energy that created the idea of hell and any type of punishment system. At its base, it is the belief that I can't be God. Or even deeper, a "knowingness" that I AM not God. This makes creation a bit of a burden! The thing I saw though that really hit was this idea of feeling bad about not feeling bad. That looks something like this: "I am coming forward for myself and being true to me. Some people seem to be at odds with what I am creating, and I am creating it anyway, because I live myself. In loving myself, I am not paying attention to their negative responses or beliefs. I'm flaunting that I create myself! And I don't feel bad about that at all!!! ...but I should. So I feel bad about not feeling bad. What kind of person creates their life and doesn't honor, acknowledge, or take on other people's limitations and beliefs? Who am I to show them they're "wrong?" ...I feel bad about not feeling bad... I feel bad about being God! ...maybe I should struggle myself to make it not so black am white. Invoke the formula and the cocktail x10 around all of that! (As in to the tenth power - just meaning allllll levels, layers, resistance, templates... - I AM ready to, willing to, and able to shine, and I am LOVING every minute of it! As I focus on my creation knowing limitation is none of my business ;)

Love ya'll!!! Jarrad

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There's a great forum about frequency right now, and a lot of information is in Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation. Members asked some great questions about changing frequency as intent, and for those of you who don't always look at the forums, I wanted to share some of the info here as well:  We're all frequency, and we change through intent all the time. Dr. Emoto (I believe was his name) showed how water (and what are we?) changes with the vibrational signatures/frequencies of just words written on bottles. The implications here are huge in the scientific community and prove what we know energetically: every thing is energy, and everything is connected. Our environment is mostly water, our bodies are water, etc, so imagine every person is a symphony of frequency, and their symphony goes out into the one energy and creates accordingly. Every thought is a frequency - or combination of frequencies, and those thoughts create reality. Thus, change your story, change your thoughts, change your reality. Change all reality. Our stories, our thoughts, our bodies... All frequency. So through intent, absolutely; I believe you can. When I work in the field or move energy on the calls and even in mp3s, I'm using intent and my own ability to direct and move or clear the energy. The tracks work in similar but also different ways. Think of them like a marinade or a stock of soup. We're all frequency within frequency within frequency (body within a city within a state within a country is one way to simplify that and understand it on a simpler level). The tracks bring their own specific signature or soup/ingredients to the mix, so you can baste or bask in whichever energies you are wanting to feel and create more of. It's an immersive experience that - like the formula, with direction - you can tune your field to :)

Lots of Love,


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Holy Moly!! What a month! I hope you have enjoyed all of the tracks, meditations, and bonus calls as much as I have. It has been truly a month of frequency.


...and it's about to expand ;)


I just messaged everyone because I have been getting a lot of questions about January - which I think is awesome, because everyone wants to keep going!!


I know some of you aren't on the ning site, so I am going to include that info down at the bottom of this email -


Because what I really wanted to talk to everyone about today, is Reaction.


I posted about my day that particular day in the comments section (this was the same day we had our awesome Solstice call). I think this might help some of you to realize that you're not doing anything wrong, and that we all have the power in every moment to choose to create what we want :)


This was my post:


"I'll give you an example of my day yesterday: The meditation was awesome. Afterwards, I had a meeting to go to. I went outside to discover we'd had an ice storm.

I was already running late, so I could have gone into reaction. Instead, I went in and put a few pots of water on the stove. (My car was frozen inside about an inch of ice, and having spent the last ten years in California, I wasn't quite used to this).

 I called the man I was meeting about cabinets, left him a message saying I was running late, and made a joke.
After the water heated, I poured it over my door and lifted the metal handle... Which proceeded to snap right off.

Now, I should also mention that for my birthday this year (which was last January), I bought myself my first new vehicle in 15 years. It is my dream car, and I spent every day for a year with the brochure in my kitchen, feeling what it would feel like to come and go every day in this beautiful car.

So, my "new to me" dream car has just broken. Did I freak out? Nope. I took a picture of my frozen grill, made a joke about my amazing strength, and asked if I could borrow my mom's car.

Cut to the meeting: the guy was late as well, so no problem.

Now, I sold my place in California several months ago and moved to a new place in Oklahoma - only my new place was not ready yet, so since then, I've been staying with friends and family (which is another funny story).

I have eagerly waited for the day of my big move... Which was scheduled for last week... And has been late due to weather and a the tornado that came trough here over the Summer (there is a whole city being rebuilt, so workers have been booked solid).  


I discovered yesterday that the counter tops that took a month to get here were not the right counter tops (which may be a blessing evacuee I wasn't entirely sure I wanted them to begin with - so I directed myself to get really clear, decide what I wanted, and Stand behind my decision!"

So, we worked everything out, and when I got home, I took my car to get fixed. Then, I came home and worked until 7am this morning on something I'm really excited about - I just chose to know everything would be absolutely awesome and in the mean time, I was going to continue to create what I wanted - joy and ease.

Now, I still have to pick new counter tops, and I don't get to move for probably another month, and all of the above could be total "reaction" time if I didn't consciously focus on what I want while taking the steps and doing the work to arrive in that place :)

I told a story last year on a call about my sisters wedding tasting.

 She had it at out favorite little place nestled in a Malibu canyon just off PCH, call the Inn of the Seventh Ray. Everything is cooked with the violet flame. There are statues of Buddha and waterfalls, and it's just a magical place... Also very new age, and part of her had it there because she wanted to piss my mom off (mom is a very conservative Christian).

My mom and my sister have "issues" and at the dinner, my mom, got upset while on the phone with a call center in another country (she'd been using her credit card all day, and so to protect against fraud, the company turned it off). She'd had a few drinks, and went ballistic when the foreign phone operator on the other end of the phone was trying to explain all of this to her. She took this as an affront to her, personally, and felt judged and attacked. 


She proceeded, under a gazebo, by a fountain, beautiful music playing, carries dancing, to yell at this man - loudly - about her not particularly inclusive beliefs regarding politics, immigration, and America... All while other diners stared (but bless them, they really tried not to).

My sister was MORTIFIED.

She yelled at my mom, who then got upset for being judged, and then flipped off the statue of Buddha yelling "F you Buddha! My Jesus is stronger than you. You're just a man!!"

 My sister, in tears, yelled back, threw a napkin at her, and ran from the table. My mom followed suit.

My brother in law to be say there with his jaw on the ground.
I staid perfectly balanced and joked "I knew I shouldn't have offered to be designated driver."

When I told that story on a call, someone called in and said, "of course you didn't get upset, you're you."

I told her that I was only me because I was choosing to focus on love. I knew where both of these women were coming from. And I chose to love them and let them work it out - with no attachment to whether they did or didn't. I would love them regardless.


Would I have chosen to express like that? If I were them, having their history, stories, and experiences, there would have been no other option. personally, I would have handled it differently, but that's because my own stories have changed and my own frequency is different.


Being me, I know that I have the power to create my life, and I've spent a lot of time healing what I needed to heal so that I could love them both and not freak out myself.

My friend Segmet loves this story because my mom is the most proper women you'd ever meet. Channel, pearls... Very old school. Segmet laughed her butt off when I told her the story because it was clearly a huge moment for both of them - and a large opportunity to work through a lifetime of issues.... Segmet now calls it "Buddha fights Jesus."

My point with all of this being, fifteen years ago, I would have had a heart attack right them and there. If have tried to save both of them. I'd have freaked out about being judged by all of the people in the restaurant. I would not have been able to stay balanced and know this was between them and send them both unconditional love.

So back to yesterday, fifteen years ago, I might have taken a crow bar to the car and done more damage to something I loved just because I was mad. BUT getting caught up in anger and feeling anger are two different things.

Was I a little mad? For like five tenths of a second, you betcha, and I made the choice to acknowledge it, focus on the "funny" of it, know it really was all good, and let the anger pass.

I have a story about that, too, but I'm responding on a phone, and my thumbs are letting me know it's time to stop lol.

Hope that all helped! 


Just remember, its not about doing it "right" or being "perfect," it's just about knowing that none of this is really that serious. I mentioned in a reply yesterday, I used to say, "If you were dead, would this matter?" If the answer is no, choose to feel alive and joyful and go create what you want :)"

Lots of love,


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The Money Blog

M had a great blog, and I wanted to post part of my response here because until I wrote it, I'm not sure I'd ever expressed this notion:

I've mentioned one of my favorite lines is "bank in the bank, not in your head."

That doesn't mean don't feel it, or visualize - quite the opposite. It just adds: "make it real."

I shared the story with M of a friend I have who has struggled with debt her whole life.

She's quite successful, but continues to do the same things over and over again, thinking "this time, if I change the energy, the outcome will be different" The thing is, she doesn't really change the energy - she tries to pretend she's changed it, but really she's still plugged into the same patterns because she still holds very tightly to her idea about what she's willing to do and not do, allow and not allow.

I used the story of another friend to illustrate this point further.

She moved to LA to become an actress just after school. About a year into her LA experience, we were having a conversation where she mentioned the Universe not showing up for her. She was talking about how there just wasn't any acting work, and how it was so hard to get an acting job.

I asked her what her agent thought.

She told me that she didn't have an agent.

I asked her if I could see her headshots (something you need to get an agent as well as for auditions).

She hadn't gotten them yet.

I asked her how class was going?

She told me she didn't sign up because the one she chose and wanted to take was during her shift at the restaurant.

You can see that it wasn't the universe "not showing up."

Back to banking.

Sometimes, when people have stickiness around money, they try and make it NOT about money. They make it about trust or living in the now. And those two things are very often collapsed in there. But they forget an important thing. They look at saving as lack, and they look at debt as lack... So either way, they find themselves in lack.

It becomes a scenario where a lottery win or magical sky fall is the only thing they can perceive as bringing real change, which creates an energy where money becomes "the answer." This is where the collapse happens, like with my first friend: She feels how good it would feel to have money - not because she's genuinely committed to happiness, but because she's trying to play a game where she "wins" by creating money.

Money is just energy, but so many people get wrapped up in IT and forget that IT is an illusion. What money really represents is the energy and reflection of actualized potential - whether that actualization is from "physical" work or change or "energy" work or change, etc.

I mentioned in my response to Martina the idea of saving money: It's okay to save money. A lot of people feel like "I'll live in the now and trust and that's all that matters..." all the while, really disliking living paycheck to paycheck and feeling frustrated... "If I could only get ahead..."

What I want to stress here is that it's all about the energy behind whatever you're doing: if you're saving because there is not enough, then that may not be the highest vibration. If you're saving while staying in the moment of how good it will feel for whatever the end result is, it doesn't feel like saving, it feels like creating and building - and that's where you can change your whole money template :) for thought ;)

Lots of love,


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Go Where Welcomes You

This was too synchronistic not to post for the group. Joy was up big time today, but not in a way most people think of joy. A lot of times, we lock into out vision of life, and try and look for or feel into joyful moments within that template. This energy is really challenging you to let go of all templates and just find pure joy. This article does a fantastic job of describing that process: Go Where Welcomes You

"In this stream of allowance, in this stream of unfolding, after you are through these first barriers that will come up (your shit), on the other side of that achievement is the experience of following what welcomes y...
ou - following what smiles at you. That is how reality becomes. That which will best unfold your dream will smile at you. Where you want to be will welcome you. This is ease. This is how easy it becomes.
When you are wishing something to happen, and it starts to not happen, instead of battling against it, to push it or to force it, you say to yourself, “Ah, this isn’t to be. If I was meant to be there then things would be unfolding in that direction.” And you let go of that control. You let go of trying to control how your reality is.

And things will smile at you. Things will welcome you. That is the flow. Go where you are welcome. You do not need to fight against things. You do not need to change things. You do not need to change this planet. Be in your joy. Being in your joy is the greatest service you can be. There is nothing higher. Being in your joy is to radiate and ground your divinity and all will benefit. All will benefit from you being in your joy. No sacrifice is necessary.

The living of your dream is the greatest gift you can give to the world. You do not need to suffer or struggle. Let go of your suffering and your struggle. You do not need it anymore. You do not need things to be how they are now. You do not need anything. Just allow.

There is nothing in your life you need. It can all go. It can all stay. Let it do as it will. Let it unfold. Let your life unfold. Let go of your attachments. Everything that is best to stay will stay. Things that have had their time will go. Let that be. Know that it is your unfolding and your unfolding is your divinity, is your Godhood, is your safety, is your abundance.
Take your foot off of the brake. Cease trying to control your reality. It does not need to be controlled. You do not need to control it to be safe. To seek to control it is to create danger as the manifestation of the rejection of what you are. Love what you are. Accept what you are. What you are is all of your reality - everything that you personally experience.
Allow your wounds. Allow them to come up and be healed. You do not need to hold them away any longer. There is nothing that you need to hold away from you.

Allow the flow of your life. Allow yourself to be All That You Are. And that is to know yourself. To allow yourself to be, is to know yourself, and to know yourself is to know you are Source. You are the creator.

You are what you are, and what you are is perfectly imperfect. All your imperfections, as you perceive them, are perfect.

Nothing needs to change. By realizing nothing needs to change, you free every aspect of your reality to change. As long as you feel it needs to change you hold it static. Realize it does not need to change and it will blossom. Every aspect of your reality will blossom, and what you have held away will come forward. This is freedom.

Your freedom is in what you have been holding away.
Your freedom is in what you have been rejecting.
Accept and love every aspect of your being and be the God that you are.


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As I've been reading the comments and blogs, etc, I just want to remind everyone to remember that you are the creation of you. Choose your beliefs wisely, and know that you choose them. Someone asked me about timelines and mentioned specific dates where someone had told them something would happen, etc, and this is the just of what I responded with: I see it a lot like Seth sees it. In my perception, if someone predicted something, it's usually - maybe always? - just them looking at your energy (and in some cases filtering through or mixing in their own limitations) and then looking at the current belief structures, energies, momentum, etc, and "predicting" where that momentum will go in a linear model. That all said, when I have had dreams about babies for my friends, in a few cases I woke up knowing the birth dates and was right each time - but those experience were different for me than when I'm reading energy, etc. Same with an instance in my late teens with a roulette wheel. I relate that to almost a conscious time jump/Dejuan vu, in that I see déjà vu like a trip down possible outcomes lane where we "later" remember the choice to be there. It's also an expanded view of our own linear life from our non linear existence. Overall, I think telling someone something will or will not happen based on a specific reading can be out of integrity because many times people are only reading particular beliefs or energies and may inadvertently (or advertently) be projecting through their own limited knowledge and understanding. no one decides ultimately but you. As for the "chart" and "purpose" stuff, I do see I where people "change" their charts, so I don't particularly resonate in the highest way with charts, either, all though, I also see the perspective that says, outside of time and space, we chose all, which would include the creation of the stars and a system to explore more realities. The subject of medicine has come up as well. I posted under suzi's blog, and with no judgment in any direction, remember that it's all Isness being directed by energy. It's our job as conscious creators to simply look at our judgments and release ourselves into the highest understanding and love for who we are - which is creation, divine love... I Am That I Am.

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It's Time for You to Choose and Know

J wrote a blog that I felt really encompassed where a lot of you are right now. I'm feeling quite intensely this huge amount of fear around love and a lot of it stems from not trusting the open, quiet spaces. As I explained in the response, it's a belief that "I'm not safe," and that there's always another shoe about to drop, or "it's going to get bad before it gets better," or even "it's going to get bad while it's better or because it's better." Diane mentioned what can sometimes spill out as we open our hearts, and really, it's just mental goo and fear around associated beliefs and memories. I felt this SO intensely last night that it woke me up. Breathe into right now - just now - which is all there is. No memories, no past, no projected future attachments from the mental mind, just now... No one else's energy, just you and your choice and direction for divine love. Pause the mind, and feel the heart. Below is my response to Jackie: Diane is correct, and the first thing I heard was breathe. There's a belief that it has to get bad before it gets better, and for some reason as it gets better, that means it's always got to be bad... A shoe has always got to drop. I am feeling this BIG time for the group. Let's all invoke the formula around this and if you're mental mind comes in and you feel "trapped" in the pattern, then invoke the cocktail to open up new patterns and consciously invoke it around releasing your hold on the fears and current belief systems and energies creating the fears and stuck feelings. I'd also lik everyone to invoke te cocktail around releasing trauma from their electro magnetic fields and directing love and peace to balance your fields. I AM FREE What does that bring up in you? Don't hold it, wrestle with it, fix it, feel the need to delete it, just let it pass. Every moment is a new moment. Every moment is a blank page. You can create new in each moment. You are infinite! I've also seen a few of you using the terminology "Delete", and before I realized it was a tool, I jokingly thought it was being used as in "oops, caught myself writing something, but I consciously am choosing to write something different" type of way. I saw it again in a blog, and I wanted to briefly address that energy: I talk a lot about pressing the pause button. With "delete" I want to be sure the energy of that isn't a push or a "no" energy. When I read the word in a blog earlier, I saw an eraser, but to erase means finite room to work and sort of going back with a different intent as opposed to knowing every moment is a blank page. There's a subtle difference but it's a huge difference in the energy. Lastly, remember that this program is all about connecting you to Source (which you are). It is about direct access to all that you are and the choice to direct, choose, be, ad experience that as divine love. I have felt a few of you wanting to energetically come to me, and that's not what we're about here :) This is about you knowing that you are your highest answer. That only you can choose for you. Only you can create for you. That sounds scary for some of you, but it is the most empowering vibration of all, because hen you know within "I AM THAT I AM" you release from the matrix, you release from limitation, you realize fear, entities, etc, at the largest level represent fear, and most of all, you step into your true power - the power and peace and love of all that you are, of all that is. Some of you who are new to the program (and a few who aren't) have been looking outside and wanting someone else to "fix" or "choose" for them. Ultimately, you are sovereign, and this love is about you choosing to step into that knowing as you consciously expand into all the love that you are - beyond the stories, beyond any limitation of the mind or beliefs. And so it is :)

In love, Jarrad

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Live fearlessly in a limitless world

I'm creating a lot of new things today, and putting different new packages together for next month. Last night, I had a dream, where I told myself to include my book, The Gospel of You. I never recorded that book, and I know it had a few errors in the published version, so I never really thought to include it. The subject matter is pretty deep, and it is in many ways it's own book, but also a sequel to Love, Life, God.

As I was going through the book this afternoon, the epilogue jumped out at me as it has a lot to do with the bonus call from this month (the last call from January), and I've seen on the blogs where some of you are dealing with what is addressed as well.

I'd like to share the epilogue with you all:


In 2008, I began writing Love, Life, God: the Journey of Creation by asking one single, three worded question, “Who are you?!” How fitting, that all these years, many, many conversations, and two books later, Source is now asking the same question of us.

A lot has transpired on this journey with Source, much of which has been chronicled in my writing. I tried to be as forthcoming and honest about my own journey as I possibly could, and along the way, I noticed judgment came up quite a bit. I’d moved beyond judging others for the most part, but I hadn’t quite gotten past judging myself. And it came up in the strangest ways.

In November of 2009, I was told by a doctor – wrongly - that I had M.S.

At the time, I simply walked out to my car and broke down in tears. I did not go to thoughts of love. I did not go to thoughts of divine grace or “I create my reality.” I went to, “How the fuck am I going to be any good to anybody now?” I beat myself up repeatedly – which is funny now, because in looking back, I can see exactly why my body hurt so badly and why walking was such a problem. I felt like I’d been slammed into a wall, and in truth, spiritually, I had been.

I had spent the last year working my tail off in voice over. I’d also finished writing a humor book, The Big E – Everything is Energy with my wonderful healing partner, actress Dee Wallace. I had never been so fully alive; yet, spiritually, I felt guilty, and now, I was being punished.

I had been judging myself for moving beyond what I perceived to be the typical and “correct” definition of God and for simply enjoying my life.

How dare I not worry? How dare I not be afraid of the government or this war or that horrible event seemingly looming on the horizon? Who was I to be so damn peaceful and happy?

Enter guilt and shame.

Every time I would claim, “I am Divine love,” I felt judged because I was still holding that a part of the Divine wasn’t so divine after all. It wasn’t okay for me to shine my light in the presence of so much darkness. How dare I love myself? How dare I accept myself? I was still holding on to the idea that life was inherently wrong and needed to be repented for. I was still holding on to the idea that I was wrong because I didn’t seem to fit into any one particular description or category. Most of all, I was still holding on to religion.

I talk in book one about collapsed beliefs, and I have to say I didn’t fully grasp the concept until the shit in my life metaphorically hit the fan. There I was, on hold for a half million dollar job, getting ready to celebrate the holidays with my family, and I could barely walk. How embarrassing.

I kept thinking to myself, “who would want to publish a book about creation and healing by a guy who can’t even get out of bed? What kind of sick joke is this?”

I actually refused to write after that. Source asked me many times to return to the keyboard, and I would not. I tried to barter. “Make me better, and I’ll keep going.”

Does that sound familiar?

Without even realizing it, I had fallen back into the story of conceptualizing God. I’d willingly walked into the story of having fallen from grace and being in need of redemption.

Now in truth, I had fallen: from my own grace.

It took about six weeks, another G.P., a neurologist, and a massive amount of testing to decide that I was being stupid. Ultimately, I realized that what was happening to my body was in fact exactly what Source had spoken so much about in book one: the manifestation of belief systems.

I have to confess though, that conclusion played out by way of a dream:

My best friend in the whole world had been trying to conceive for several months. A little upset that I had been able to pinpoint the time of conception, birth, and sex of a mutual friends baby (I knew she was pregnant before she did. In fact, I actually called her and told her the day after she conceived that she was pregnant), he asked me to plug his future into my subconscious and see what my dreams came up with.

Now, full disclosure: I’m not entirely sure how it worked, but it did. A few days later, I had a dream. The baby would be born in June. A few nights later, I had another dream. This time, it was as if I was the baby, and I was coming into being – literally being conceived – and somehow, I knew it was September. Then, just a few short months before my legs began wobbling and my motor skills began going wonky, I had a dream, peering several years into the future, where I was with them, and I saw their baby – who by now was an adorable little girl who appeared to be four or five years old.

Being my best friend, I told him all about the dreams. By the time I was having trouble getting around, they were ready to announce the sex of the baby. I told him it had better be a girl, because that was the only way I knew that I was going to be able to walk in the future (as I’d been perfectly healthy and happy in the dream).

Sure enough, they gathered their family and a few close friends and revealed that they were in fact having a baby girl – conceived exactly when I’d said, due exactly when I’d said.

That was enough proof for me. I very quickly snapped out of my bullshit and realized that I had it all wrong. I hadn’t been “struck down” for doing something wrong. I was simply experiencing the physical manifestation of conflicting beliefs. My judgment had become physical, and instead of realizing there was a conflict somewhere in my being, I sat down in a huff and tried to give up.

Source had been trying to get me to the keyboard because what was coming up was directly related to beliefs about God and “the ultimate reality” that I was still holding onto.

As I returned to the dialogue, I was told to work on grounding, and so I did. I spent several months working on getting back into my body – literally. And as I did, my motor function returned. I thoroughly worked the principals I’d been teaching others for so many years, and once again, I began experiencing miracles in my own life.

The diagnosis was changed to migraine syndrome. Then it was changed again, and again, until finally, feeling perfectly fine, I simply told the doctor, “You know what, I’m good.” That was five years ago, and I haven’t had a problem since.

Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t had the occasional runny nose, but I’m much better now about taking the time and letting myself heal instead of beating myself up. If I need to say no to something, I say no. If I need to take time away, I take time away.

Recently, I needed a vacation, but I didn’t feel like I could afford to leave town. I followed my instincts and left. When I returned, I had an audition for a role that had been cast in my absence, and was now being recast. The producers were only seeing people they hadn’t seen while I was away. I wound up auditioning next to maybe 3 other people instead of the 100 or so I would have been mixed in with had I staid in town, and I got the job.

Life is full of moments like that. Not everyone will always get the job, and not everyone will have a serious medical trauma either. Whatever you create, there is a reason. Don’t beat yourself up. Maybe getting pulled over kept you from getting in an accident. Maybe that job less kept you from a path you can’t even imagine right now. Maybe that missed train was the Universe trying to deliver a way for you to meet your new mate while waiting on the platform.

Whatever happens, keep loving yourself. Don’t feel like there is some mark you have to hit, some eternal bar to raise, or some past debt you must forever repay – but if you, don’t beat yourself up.

All judgment is the product of a story, and in many ways, religion is the last great story. Divine Love does not need a story, because forever and always, it just is.

Live fearlessly in a limitless world.

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Anxiety or Excitement?

I usually update when there is a very clear theme for everyone, and this morning, there was a very clear and discernable message or everyone around choosing excitement and processing it as joy rather than feeling it or interpreting it as anxiety and then allowing the vibration to spin and amplify towards fear and "unknown." I almost posted earlier in the week as there was also a strong group energy of fear, but I wanted to wait and see where it went.  This anxiety is the next step for those of you who may have been plugging into  fear around your power/creation. A lot also came up around responsibility: ie if  I Create my life, what does that mean with relation to "other" and do I have to  be to be responsible and save everyone. I worked a lot with simply removing the  fear frequencies and was told for those of you still in that space to start  framing life in terms of exciting and allowing that energy to blow through. The  Statement around commitment came in as the highest way to answer any question of  responsibility. In other words, only focus on creating love and the life you  want (again, in divine love and joy knowing all creation is also held in this love while feeling how taken care of and supported everyone truly is).  Ironically, this brought back polarity energy for some of you, so yea! More  deeper levels coming up and out :) I was told at the end of this post to have  you all drop into your hearts and invoke the formula by simply dropping down  into love and stating, "I invoke the formula". Moving in to your heart is key and will erase a lot of that fear and unknown mind gunk.

Lots of love, Jarrad 

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Transmutation and Source Connect

Tonight, I felt very clearly that it's time to do some serious work - not purging, not "one foot in, one foot out," - but serious, two feet, all in, transmutation. I use transmutation on purpose as what showed up in the meditation was a wall of transmutational energy very much like a violet flame, but more so. Imagine the white diamond energies mixed with the golden light plus the violet flame as well as an increased presence of every ray, flame, and light on the transmutational spectrum (and beyond, they say). Several energies/individuals in the group have been deflecting certain energies and then literally "calling" on me to "fix" the very things around which they've been deflecting healing. Tonight, there was a shift. Tonight, I shifted. Tonight, many of you chose and shifted. these flames and energies encased everyone in the group. I want to stress to those of you who have been calling upon me that this is not about connecting to me. This is about connecting to you - knowing you are worthy, loved, held safe, deeply secure and always at choice. I want you all to begin to connect consciously and unconsciously (through direction) to source, knowing as above so below. Let's blow these lower vibrational games and perspectives out of the water - literally cleansing all that we are in this transmutational energy, while knowing that this energy is you. It is source. Many of you have unknowingly been using me as a bridge, and tonight begins the building of your own bridge, and it can be instant because that bridge, in actuality, already exists. I have not ever felt this massive transmutational energy on the scale of which I felt it tonight. In fact, I was told to no longer hold the bridging space but to show you energetically the way to your own light and present you with the choice to connect to your own light. It is okay to choose otherwise, but it must be your choice. It is time to make the leap. THIS is a magnified version of the shift felt from te matrix call. It is time to know that you create. My mental mind wants to say this message came about so strongly because of the number of people in the program this month. However, if we are all one energy, this is the reflection of a choice to go deeper and "know Thyself" as all that you are on a grand scale. Open up to source and feel all that YOU are, coming forward to heal and transmute. WOW this energy is here. I have a feeling this is going to be a powerful week!

 In love, Jarrad

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Simply Love

Hi, all! Welcome! I am really excited about this month - especially after setting such an awesome intention. There are a few of you who need to revisit that intention, and we'll go into that a bit tomorrow if I still feel the energy of it poking around. The jist of it is this: from an open heart and a set and directed focus, I believe anything is possible.

Sometimes, though, we "want" something and we stay in the "want" vibration, which is equal to not having. This is why I speak so often of "feel what it would feel like to already.... be complete, have x, y, z, etc."

Many of you have heard me use the statement:

I am committed to one, happy, healthy, prosperous whole, and that makes me happy. And it's simple, easy, quiet and complete. Notice it does not say, "I am committed to getting what I want, and to do so, I have to get rid of all of this other stuff... or struggle... or release...." Nope. Just committed. So what does commitment mean? Well, for some people, it may mean struggle. It may mean perseverance, and that may also equate to battling for, competing for, or struggling.

So, lets all invoke the formula around all of that (and the cocktail, I am hearing) so that we can put 100 per cent of our focus on what we DO want, and shift the needle on our record player to a song of our pure choosing and creation.

On the heels of that, what I worked on today was very different than a normal first few days. I started working the energy a little earlier than normal, and after integrating some of the newbies, it was really just about love: Can I, Do I, Will I... what are my limits? What are my beliefs?

So with that in mind, I want to share with you a conversation I had just this morning.

I was talking with someone about "God" - Source, Love, Spirit, whatever your word for the Divine that is all - and we were talking about how to love God and therefore each other and ourselves. There is a story often attributed to St. Augustine that is actually an Eastern story about a man with a torch, and a bucket of water. The man's son had come to him, and said, "How am I to love God?" The man answered by handing the boy his two items, and replied, "To love God, take this torch and set fire to all the riches of heaven. Then, take this pitcher of water and extinguish all the fires of hell."

I love that story. It means that we do not love people, God, Spirit, Source, others, etc because we want them to give us something, and we do not love them/us for fear of retribution of punishment. We simply love for the sake of love - with nothing to ever gain or lose. It is unconditional.

You are deeply loved, safe, and held secure by all that is. Where I want to spend the rest of today and tomorrow is helping you remember this and then remember that you are this love. You are the unconditional beauty of a sunset, the stillness of a stream, and the majesty of the mountains. This is who you are. It is not given with strings or chords or attachments, but given freely by a Universe that loves you.

Can you fully shift your focus to that Universe? Will you?

This month is going to be amazing!!

Love to all,


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Tonight's really late night message was all about connection.

When I started to tune in to see what the biggest thing to know was, I heard, "Be still, and know." So what are you focused on knowing - and does your definition of knowing mean being, or does it mean learning. Let me equate that to what we talked about the other day when we discussed the vibration of wanting. It feels like some of you have a "want" vibration collapsed with knowing. Remember, if there is a "wanting" to know, on some level, you are expressing that you do not already know.

So take a deep breathe... move back into the amazing space we created on the call where everything is taken care.

"But..." Press the button ;)

"But..." Press the button.

Feel the love and support and focus on that. Direct all of your energy as the "I AM" that you are. Know that no energy is outside the scope of the One I AM presence.

I read a book many years ago called "The I AM Discourse Volume 3." In this book was the following phrase: "I AM the might motive power back of all energy." That basically means that beyond personality, beyond illusion, there is only source.

What if that were true?

(Press the button)

What if, behind everything you were experiencing, behind every person, place, and thing, there was Source. And what if you began seeing that Source in all things...

And what if you knew the oneness and connection and love and safety within that knowing?

Sometimes, we just need a reminder to connect in. We need a reminder that we are held safe - the picture I have is of a child sleeping peacefully on Christmas morning. Like on the call, "T'was the night before Christmas..."

Peace. Be still, and know.

(Press the button)

Part two of this is knowing that your body is a mode of transportation and experience. Where would you like to go? What would you like to create? Don't be afraid to own your own reality and create it. Sometimes, creation feels like work, so we think we're doing it wrong, lol. There are just beliefs in place that you're moving through (or with in some cases), and it's all good. As I said to Niki in a blog post, know that you are a miracle in the making. It's okay to be in that "making" stage. Expansion is always happening, so in one regard, we are that "making" stage - past, present, and future selves, our larger self beyond time and space... always expanding and creating.... we are so immense. Don't be afraid to play in that immenseness.

Lots of love,


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Today, the work was all about cohesion - not just having it, but also being able to completely lose it and live in the fully trusted moment of now. I speak  of life sometimes as a symphony, and what came up today was that some of you  need to quiet a whole lot of instruments in order to focus on the "sound" you  really want to create. Translated as story, it means there are multiple stories  keeping a particular story or trauma in place. When I looked at why these were  there, I was told it did not matter and to focus on what happens when they all  fall away - which is this fear or falling apart sensation that seems to come  with what we perceive as lack of cohesion in our self, life, story, etc. The  main body of work was around release, so those of you who have the release  everything meditation may want to go back an re listen knowing that you're  releasing EVERY aspect of who you are and what you desire. In doing so, you open  up to true expression. If you don't have the meditation, simply play some  frequencies or a nice piece of music and let yourself go - release and let go of  needing to solve anything. Release and let go of needing to figure anything out,  release attachment to outcome, and just be :) Then release what you think you have to do to be...

Lots of love, Jarrad

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Energy or Shift

The energy of Shifting is coming up today. Personally, I did a lot of work today opening the heart and around all of the stories of love and why we do or do not allow ourselves to "have it all" in every area of life. When I tuned into the group, there were two different visions: the first was of sitting peacefully  in a hammock on the beach, and the other was of an almost past-life seeming  vision of struggle and really trying to "whip" the world into shape through  force. I was told to present those two options as choices - neither "right" nor  "wrong" but both valid experiences and choices. In going deeper, I worked on  releasing belief clusters - see the forum where I responded to Niki's great  question as well as the miasm post for more on that.

There's been a lot of info in the last few days, and some of you seem to be off-kilter a little bit, so I worked the energies of love and commitment and of  allowing everyone's "ultimate reality" to begin to harmonize with love, joy,  beauty, truth, and pure light - for in pure light, there can be only that :D

Love you all!!

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Many of you have commented that the energy updates here have greatly helped you process and understand the energies of the last couple of weeks.
I want to share some new info with you around miasms and today's energy of freedom/stress and rejuvenation.
For some of you, freedom and stress are collapsed, so as the energy within you becomes more clear and free - more in line with that which you truly are -  you feel stressed. This is why some of you have felt a bit worn out this week as  we move into a rejuvenation energy and an energy of transmutation.
As part of our year long Shift program, my friend and partner Dee Wallace and I spent Tuesday night going over some new information and working on a lot  of energy involving feeling stuck in self creation and energies of non support  (anything other than love, joy, balance, etc).
In listening to the calls, be aware of any miasms/beliefs that may be limiting your experience of love, joy, balance, etc.
Here is the call - for those of you who would like to hear the information.  There is a small activation at the end of the call for those of you interested  in doing remote healing and furthering your abilities in working with the  healing  energy of love.

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Today I was immediately directed to DNA and restructuring at all levels the ability to be all, see all, understand all, know all - so at a greater level,  increase the physical awareness of all that I AM (meaning your own I AM presence  as your own physical and individual experience, but also as the experience  of multi dimensional living and not just 3d). 

This builds on my quote from the first call "We're gonna need a bigger boat." This is overall an upgrade into abundance. So today, start to shift focus  towards whatever it is that makes your heart open... whatever it is that allows  you to relax a little... to feel safe and loved... in all ways big or small.  take as many conscious moments as you can today to really send and receive  awareness of what it means to be joyful, and happy, and blissful, and taken care  of... bypass the "what I have to do to get there" sabotage and allow yourself to  revel in the joy of who you truly are beyond the tapes and beyond the stories. 

Allow your puzzle to begin to look different. Allow yourself to begin to step  back and stop focusing on the next critical piece and begin to take an expanded  view, knowing the joy of being totally fulfilled in THIS one moment. For this is  the moment from which all others will rush forward into being from.

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Purpose and Clarity

I started the day "tweaking" what felt like anxiety and moving the energy into a different focus so that you all could start to feel that a lot of it was  actually excitement - but it seemed hard for some of you to shift that perspective because you needed what showed up in the field as a target. So purpose and clarity are what I am working on today. Purpose in this sense is Joy  - a very ACTIVE, exciting Joy... the joy that comes with knowing you can be do  and have all things. Take a breathe (not a "heavy" breath), just a light breath  and feel into what life would be like if you knew you could do ANYTHING and not  fail. Breath that energy in and connect to the clarity of vision energy knowing  that the vision you are receiving is the vision of what it is to truly know you  can never fail You are Joy. And You are Success. And You are Love.

If you're feeling like you don't belong or like you don't deserve to be included, or for some reason, that you just can't "access" your true purpose of love and joy, I want you to - just for now - imagine that you could.

Imagine  that your power has been gone a long time, and that just for now - just for this  moment - I AM returning it to you.

How did that feel? There was excitement in your field just now. Whether you called it fear or anxiety or anything else (and those strands may have been  present), there was excitement. There were the seeds of "what if" and of Joy.  For those of you wanting to come out into your Self but who aren't quite feeling  like they have the authority or power, know that today can be a journey back to  your true source and you have all of the support.

Picture yourself surrounded by the great central flame of creation. Allow that flame to engulf you so that anything not your burns away as you journey into the heart of oneness... into the heart... of You.

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All Kinds of Shift - Free Call

I did a call with my friend Dee Wallace this past Tuesday, where we talked about ALL kinds of stuff. One of the things I mentioned on the call was feeling the feelings and playing with money. I specifically referenced a site that I had  and still do have a lot of fun with. The site I mentioned is: I challenge all of you to sign up and start to feel it and play with it and report back :) I wanted to put this up in a blog, because I think it may really help a lot of you to share (and I think it will help a lot of you to hear about the journey everyone else is on). Plus, this will give everyone a place to chart  their progress :)

You can download the call I did with Dee here:

Love ya'll!!

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What is Your Passion?

I've been working pretty deeply on you all for the last week or so preparing  you for this awesome energy that is already starting to peak through. The big  thing that has come from all of the power and flow work I've been doing is "what  is your passion?" So I just want you to feel about that for a bit and start  making a conscious effort to really begin to make room for you to experience it  physically :) 

What is Your Definition of Happiness, and How Does that  Create?
Here are some I AM statements for you to feel into:
"I am the directed flow of my energy." Really feel into this one. This is one for those of you who are really working on things pertaining to last week's  call: I AM the creation of me. We wanted me to stress that feel and experience are synonymous and that for some of you, they haven't been. So drop down into your heart and invoke the formula around feeling really being the  experience - the beingness.
I also wanted to post a link to this article on happiness  and meaning (  When you have a chance, take a look at it?

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Ask yourself how you define happiness.

In this article, the author talks about happiness vs meaning in a very 3d almost 2d kind of way, but brings up a major point that sometimes causes a glitch with people seeking enlightenment: it goes towards those who seek stuff  vs those who seek connection and love.

The shows sometimes people identify happiness  with selfish behavior that doesn't actually serve them, while "meaning" often  includes CONNECTION that generates happiness in a way that most people don't  consciously acknowledge as happiness. 

So over the next two weeks, really pay attention to  what you're asking for in life, and why? are you wanting more connection? more  joy? are you wanting more things because of a lack of fulfillment? are you  wanting things because you think - "think" being the word to pay attention to -  that those things will bring you more connection and love? or are you wanting to  express love for yourself and others and in that space knowing the great secret, that all is well, and in that wellness, brining new and joyous experiences that cause your heart to radiate with even more love and your connection to your fellow man and woman and all that is to grow?
Lots of love,

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The Most Important Info You'll Ever Read

This morning, a ton of information came in around healing. I've been getting a lot of requests for personal sessions, and I have noticed that there seems to be an ever growing divide between people who are really experiencing the joy of living and those who are suffering from depression, financial woes,  etc.
The biggest thing that came in was around knowing "I AM THE CREATION OF ME." I asked for discernment as to why some people were flourishing right now and why some people seemed to be really "IN IT." What came in was a message about giving your power away: No matter what program you do, no matter what  tele summit you listen to, no matter which healer you go to, if you really want  to be happy and whole, you have to remember that you hold the power.

It is  ultimately in you. The decision is always yours. The healer, speakers, mp3s, etc  are only helping you remember your wholeness.
I truly believe that Divine Love - and those who are working from that intention - can change this world.
Many people have learned that creating themselves is taboo. At the very least, it's serious business. I was also told to remind everyone of the Joy in Creation - with a Capital C. Creation can be fun. Sometimes we take our own  energy and "issues" or "struggles" so seriously that we forget that expansion  and joy go really well together! I think most of us would rather choose joy, but  we've just forgotten that it's an option. In it's place, we've placed the  seriousness of false gods - money, illness, etc.
You've heard me talk about why some programs work for some people and why they don't for others. Ultimately, you must be ready. You must make the choice.  This is not about a program, it's about my choice to work with individuals who  are truly ready to take back their own responsibility and to truly know  themselves and their ability as well as their true nature. My goal is to help  everyone who wants to remember do just that - but first, a great choice has to  be made.
If you would like to truly begin your journey into higher vibrational love, oneness, abundance, and wholeness, read and affirm the statements below.  Remember who you are. Awaken. And remember that the first - AND POSSIBLY ONLY -  step in that process is acknowledging to yourself that I AM THAT I AM.
Claim on behalf of your self and all energies:

"I take full responsibility for my creation, and I recognize, claim, and affirm that I am the creation of me. I acknowledge, affirm, claim, and choose to  know that I am the creation of me, and I choose to create myself with authority,  love, and Joy in Divine Love. I choose to stand firm in the knowing  that I AM THAT I AM and that any energy of sabotage or anger or rage or destruction or any lower vibration or energy in any shape or form is not welcome  and denied access and entry into my life and world, and I invoke the formula - including all of the rays flames and lights and direct that I am Divine Love and the creation of me and my world as Divine Love in it's highest  and most loving and abundant form. Any stories, attachments, energies, fears,  collectives, contracts, chords, beliefs, non-beliefs, etc that are not serving  me in the knowingness that I AM THAT I AM, I now knowingly and consciously  direct that these all be transmuted by the True Light of All That Is. For any  and all energy present or not present in my hologram and totality beyond the  known and unknown planes, spaces, dimensions, and creations, I invoke  Divine Love  and claim and know that any fear around transmutation equaling obliteration/death/destruction is hereby balanced by invoking the creation  formula, which I now do. I Am That I Am, and I hereby claim responsibility and  love in all aspects and for all aspects of my life and world. I am the creation  of me. I am the highest answer, and I am healed, and everything is balanced  around the knowingness and beingness that I am. I acknowledge and affirm that  loving myself is joyful and that I am Divine Love expressing as gratitude, love,  joy, and abundance which I now define and know as the wholeness that I am. I am  committed to One Happy Prosperous and Healthy Whole and that makes me happy! And it's easy, simple, quiet, and complete now and consistently."
In light and love,
Jarrad Hewett

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8 Hidden Beliefs That Keep You From Creating Your Life


So yesterday I didn't post because the day was all about blasting good vibes  and working on receiving... so I was kinda poking around while also just sending  love and letting some of you move out some "stuff" that was coming up for  release. I wanted to give you your own boundaries and experiences, but also send  love and encourage you to open up to receiving and focusing on that love.
Today, however, BIG STUFF!! I went over time this morning, lol. Self Empowerment and Expansion are still ongoing, and I want to add that  spark of joy in there. A lot of people are experiencing what feels like anxiety,  but is actually excitement! So I wanted to mention that as well.
Remember to breathe and center :D

Now, here are the beliefs that have been coming up. Look over them and invoke  the formula along with 267 which is the frequency of Divine Love.

8 Beliefs:
    *   I'll be left behind
    *   I don't have enough energy
    *   I can't create myself as God
    *   I can't believe in bliss
    *   I can't know
    *   I can't "get there" by myself
    *   I don't have the instinct to create me
    *   I don't own I Am God

So... LOTS going on today and with the energy and a LOT moving and shaking.
Invoke the formula around all of that and add 267 which is the frequency of the beingness of Divine Love.

Remember, Creating yourself is like riding a bike for the first time. If you've never done it, it can be terrifying, but remember: YOU ASKED FOR IT, lol.  And you can do it!! and it can be fun :D


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Forgiveness, Empowerment, and the Frequency of 267

Hi, all. This morning, "forgiveness" came up for some of you in a major way - forgiveness of others, self, etc. Mostly, it felt like simply forgiving the past  - forgiving yourself for not being good to yourself, which ultimately carried a  little judgment and then the forgiveness of having judged. It was very much  a Self Love moment (the song I heard was "Let it be" and the feeling that  accompanied it was like being hugged and embraced on all levels by the most  wonderful loving and all encompassing energy of the Divine).  I also worked quite a bit with the violet flame and all of the outer energy  bodies - kind of like a gentle bath of transmutation for the subtle energy bodies. 

I also began setting up a rainbow filter. The process will be ongoing for some of you, as you integrate this lovely energy of empowerment.

I also worked a lot on ownership - basically the knowingness that you have it all in you. that looked like this:

I take full responsibility for my creation, and I recognize, claim, and affirm that I am the creation of me. I acknowledge, affirm, claim, and choose to know and direct the experience that I am the creation of me, and I choose to  create myself with authority, love, and Joy in Divine Love... and fun!

I chose  to own my all of my energies that are less than the True Light and Love that I  am. I choose to keep all energies of sabotage, victimization, anger, rage, and  all other lower vibrations to myself for free transmuting by all that I Am  within myself. I know that I am accountable and responsible for all that I am,  all that I do, and all that occurs to me and for me. I choose to stand firm in  my choice and direction that I AM THAT I AM and that any energy of sabotage,  victimization, anger, rage, destruction or any lower vibration or energy in any  shape or form be transmuted by me and through me. Any stories, attachments,  energies, fears, collectives, contracts, chords, beliefs, non-beliefs, etc that  are not serving me in the knowingness that I AM THAT I AM, I now knowingly and  consciously direct that these all be transmuted by the True Light of All That  Is. For any and all energy present or not present in my hologram and totality  beyond the known and unknown planes, spaces, dimensions, and creations, I invoke the formula and 267 - the frequency of the beingness of Divine Love -  and claim and know that any fear around transmutation equaling  obliteration/death/destruction that may have arisen  during the meditation, calls, or energy work is hereby balanced by invoking the creation formula, which I now do. I Am That I Am, and I hereby  claim responsibility and love in all aspects and for all aspects of my life and  world. I am the creation of me. I am the highest answer, and I am healed, and  everything is balanced around the knowingness and beingness that I am. I  acknowledge and affirm that loving myself is joyful and that I am Divine Love  expressing as gratitude, love, joy, and abundance which I now define and know as  the wholeness that I am. I am committed to One Happy Prosperous and Healthy Whole and that makes me happy! And it's easy, simple, quiet, and complete now  and consistently.

Whew!!! So, if you're tired today, that's why, lol.  Drink plenty of water this weekend, and be conscious of sending lots of love and  ease to everyone:)

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Stuck Energies Falling Away

Today is all about dropping filters and masks - being seen by yourself in total truth. Who are you REALLY? Beyond the mind, beyond the chatter or fear or stories, who are you REALLY?


Today is also about creation, free from any box... Unrestricted Freedom and Total Access to the possibilities of Life.

Every second, every though, every feeling is a choice.

I also did some work on thoughts this morning, as repeatedly, I heard the lyrics, "How am I gonna be an optimist about this?" The answer that rippled through the collective field of our group was: "By knowing that I AM creating in  every moment" Beyond that, some of you KNEW this, but were not creating what you  wanted... which brings us back to the top of the article :)

Who are you REALLY?

Whatever or however you answer that, know that YOU are the creation of you, creating the definitions and belief systems that form the answer., right?
Take a moment today if you can - however brief - and send love to our community and world... no attachments, no agenda... just support and love... and know that as you truly get in touch with being able to hold others in that space, you infinitely open up to being that space yourself.

Re framing Perceptions and "I AM THE THOUGHT THAT  CREATES"

This morning was intense. A lot of the work had to do with reframing perceptions so that we could open up to having, maintaining and becoming the new thoughts that we are inviting into our lives.

We discussed change on the call this week, and a lot of you REALLY feel like  you're in that groove. One of the things that I think I went over (there was SO  much!!) on the call was "I AM NOW." That came up in a big way this morning, and  it looks like it would be particularly beneficial to do the release everything  meditation with NOTHING in mind - that's how I heard it. In other words, allow  yourself to really move into a blank space for the sake of meeting yourself in  the void. Whatever that brings up, will guide you to your biggest gifts right  now.

The violet flame is incredibly active at the moment. When I entered the group  energy to see what would best serve all today, there was an amazing amount of  purple :) "I AM THE VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSMUTATION, DIRECTING AND ALLOWING THE  CHANGE, GROWTH, LOVE, AND JOY THAT I AM."
If you can feel any resistance to those words, let that guide you as far as where you need to simply allow the new thoughts of "I AM." For some of you, there may be a voice that says, "AM NOT!!" And for you, the new thought to think  is that "I AM ONE. There is no other energy but me, and I direct all That I  AM."
Remember, "I AM The Thought That Creates." If there is a thought, a fear, a worry, know that YOU have the power to change that thought by simply "going up  to the source" from whence it originates - which is YOU :D


In love,

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Are Y'all Ready?

Are ya'll ready for some  fun and celebration? I'm going to begin working more with that active vibration  energy in the next few days. It's the same energy that came up just before the  Darius call... and it's been around in smaller amounts for the last two  months. There is some "stuff" to  move out so we can all really enjoy it in a more open and full way.

If you haven't read  Suzi's "Energy Explosion" blog a few posts down, it's a great read, along with  the responses. I wrote quite a bit about the electrical charge and mentioned  that I've fried several iphones since Thursday. In fact, I need to go back to  the Apple store again today.

I explained in my response a bit about what I've been doing at the deeper level, and then today,  even more came up. It stands on it's own, but in conjunction with the three  hidden/burried fears/beliefs that i wrote about in Suzi's post, it really provides a launching pad into Love and Harmony (which, on a separate note, needs to be directed. So, what are you directing yourself to be in harmony with?).

This was part of my response to Jackie, but I know not everyone reads all of the comments, so I  wanted to make it a post of it's own, but I want to also share what was coming in on Friday:

Going back to Suzi's post, what I mentioned to Suzi was that within myself and the group, I was  tracking "the light of me - the electrical charge of me in that high vibrational  charge - can't/won't/will not handle me." Meaning, the electrical  charge goes out, but as it comes back, we can't fully connect. Think of it  like a circuit that can't make connection but is constantly being fired.
There were three things  that came up:

1. When I'm god I have to  die, so I don't want to receive myself in the highest form.
2. When I'm god, I don't  know, and I have to know to be god, so I can't know and therefore receive  myself.
3. When I'm god, there's  nothing else to do... Which equals non creation, so I can't create myself as god  or receive myself because to do so would take me out of  creation.
It all seems a bit  paradoxical, but that's the biggest thing that was coming up. It took me two  days to flesh it out at the highest level. In that time I also went through  three iPhones. They just kept frying and breaking. I thought it might be my  frequency tracks until my car stereo just started turning itself up and changing  channels... so I knew it was "electrical."
I went in to chart where  this might be in my field. What came in after that was about duality and  the words I heard surprised me: "the dark side of  me." Now, keep in mind, I mean a perceived dark side... Polarity... Yin and  yang... The part of me that I had defined as "I can't let you do that (that  being move fully into power and joy and celebration around power). I had defined  that part of me as "other" and when I moved to incredibly high frequency, the  two "separate" energies had to clash. (I hope this is making sense). Because I  perceived this part of my energy as wanting to keep me from the light, I  labeled it "dark" subconsciously and was fighting with it. So in realizing that  I had created and left this space for that energy in my field, I acknowledged it  was me, invited/directed it in, and then redirected everything into the light.
"Let there be  light."
In a way it was a very  old story, but it surfaced in a way that I found to be fascinating as I was in  awe that it was coming up. It was well hidden, but in a way, it was serving as  an unconscious "balance" to keep me safe because of all of the aforementioned  beliefs about being god/powerful/etc.
So invoke the formula  around completing the circuit of you and receiving the charge of divine love as  divine love... and being "in sync" (bye, bye, bye to that old self limitation  that thought it was helping).
Something else is wanting  to come through as well around embodiment and light... Well, it's a belief  around being the light and it's the electrical charge of what it means to be  "human" or physically incarnated. We need to redirect that charge so that we are  all that we are.
So hold that as the  intention, and bring in LOVE. Feel the love, be the love, and direct THAT to now  be the charge.
And if you have any  limitation around LOVE, let's let that one go, too ;)

One of the the things  that is coming up in the last few days is "retraction." It's kind of like  expansion is this thing I do, but it's not really who I AM, so to get back to  me, I need to "decompress" or "retract" back into "my energy" (the old  definition of the energy or the place where subconsciously we feel "home" and  comfy). That brings up more of what we've been knocking out, which is: I AM NOT.  So this is really about what I posted to Suzi - that part of ourself (that many  define as not part of self or dark or resistance... there are lots of words...)  that is programmed (by us or in the collective sense, directed with our  permission) to keep us from fully stepping into our power.
I'm seeing where it's a  ride and a charge that we keep because we enjoy being on the "precipise" more  than arriving in eternal expansion. This brings up the release of more  struggle.

WOW. That just gave me  chills of joy.

I'm also hearing - as I  mentioned on the call on Thursday - for some of you to invoke the formula around  the definition of freedom and joy so that they can be the highest vibrational  knowingness and experience of harmony, peace, freedom, excitement, peace (I  heard to put that twice for emphasis), joy, etc...

Now around "peace" lets  invoke the formula so that it is not that "separate" monk on the mountain kind  of peace, but that it is the "peace that surpaseth all understanding" - it is  that knowingness in th heart - that expression of love and joy - that ACTIVE  vibration... which brings us full circle as this active vibration... this  "activation" is what a lot of people, myself included, are having some amazing  experiences around. This is the energy of us that is triggering the "too much  alarm."


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Emotions and Appreciation

I've noticed a lot of emotion coming up. Most of the anger seems to stem from a place of feeling unappreciated - by others and by the self (why did self  let me down, why did I create this situation, etc).
A lot of what is coming up for some of you is a lot of old tapes and emotions that we're not expressed but remained in the energy bodies. Know that if this is occurring right now, it's okay to feel it, AND, this is the perfect  opportunity to begin to practice consciously redirecting your energy - because it IS yours. You are the thinker if the thoughts, not the thought, and not the  receiver down stream of another power source. The buck starts and stops with  you. Some of you may be feeling resistance around this as well.
There's a part of the self that we perceive often times as "other" energy or "darker" energy.
It's function is disempowerment and distraction. This energy is you, and it is time to direct it. You don't need to fight it, you simply need to acknowledge  that it's there, and direct yourself to integrate peacefully with all aspects of  your self on board and at peace with wholeness and love.
Be conscious of where you're feeling unappreciated in life right now as well as where you're doing things because you feel you have to or "should."
Part if this energy is coming up to show you where you believe you don't have choice.
Drop into your heart and choose to know and feel the love of this group and of Source, and know that love is you. If feelings come up around not being able  to, etc, invoke the formula.
The fear/matrix call would be a great call to listen to to help with this. There is also a video posted on fear in the blogs section on my website from my friend, Story Waters, that will help some of you realize that these feelings are  you, and that it is okay to release them. The other thing that is up is around  honor and money.
Around that, let me say this:
If you want others to honor your abilities and your gifts, honor the abilities and gifts of others. With money, recognize it as an energy exchange - currency. Look at your beliefs around enough and flow. This will be a big week  for a lot of you who are newer as there is a lot coming up to release.
The meeting the source self track can help ease and accelerate the integration.
Lots of love,

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I've really heard several times today to let you all know to be conscious of your focus. There is some really powerful energy coming up over the next few  days, and it will really help to focus on the positives and be in gratitude.  It's a great opportunity to walk the talk and be conscious and start to really  see where you've been giving your power away (and to whom) and consciously and  lovingly invite that power back :)

A lot of times, we want to look at what's broken, and when we do that, we put  even more focus there. We get stuck on the "fixing" because we feel like we have to "fix it" in order to move ahead. Often times, just by letting whatever "it" is go, we can take all of our focus and put towards what we want.

Think of creation like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors. The more you feed the plant of negative thoughts, the more it grows.

See if you can consciously shift focus to happier thoughts. Feel what it would feel like to be where you are telling yourself that you want to be in life  without the mental chatter of "but you're not there yet", "you'll never get  there," "you have to do so much else first," "you're not worthy," etc.

Just feel  what it would feel like if all were totally well and you were supported.  Play pretend.

A great track to support this energy is the Creating Relationships Energy Journey.
Every journey begins with stepping out, and these are your steps :D

Lots of love,

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Grounding, Loving Light

Tonight when I checked in to do the group work, I really saw a lot of energy that seemed to be "hanging out." What I was reminded to discuss here was the direction of energy. The energy was very responsive tonight, but I felt a bit of  a longing in the group. I don't know if it's because the holiday season is  approaching here in the U.S. and abroad, but there seemed to be a childlike  sense of wanting to both give and receive love. There was a definite wanting to  just be held. It was very much a "physical" feeling within
the energy.

I worked with what I call the "cinnamon" light (because that's the color it looks to me). That light is all about grounded love - the kind you feel in this  plane.

There is an interesting feeling of solomness as well, like the energy of the group is really reverant towards what is going on, and I want to spin some more "fun" orange light into that so that we can crank it up. I know we're only just  now at about the half-way point, but I think you all are ready to really begin  directing your energy and pushing the boundaries (and releasing the boundaries)  around who you are and what you will allow or be or do or have.
I've used the analogy of a belt before. Think of it like this: you have had a belt on that is 4 sizes too small for ten years. It's almost become a part of you. It's super tight, but it's what you're used to. In fact, you're so used to it, it doesn't really bother you. Sometimes, this program is like taking that belt and letting it out a size or two. Now, you notice it a lot because you've  got more room - which kinda hurts because you're having to adjust to the space,  AND, now you're also noticing that the darn thing is STILL too tight!
Don't beat yourself up if this is where you are right now. The important thing is, the belt is moving - AND you don't have to focus on the belt to direct what you want. In fact, directing the belt to expand is actually, in some ways, still keeping the focus on the belt (can I do it, did it work, am I there  yet).

This is the energy of what we did on the call yesterday - the golden light followed by the breath work to ground in that sense of love and joy. However, for a lot of you, that love and joy feels incomplete without the push/pull of some type of 3-d matrix. This is where the Creating your Ideal Relationships MP3 that came with the package comes in :D

This jounrey is all about knowing that not only are you not alone, but you are loved, held safe, and deeply secure at all times in all ways and all spaces and places.

Lots of love,

PS - Lots of people got off the call just after the frequency track for integration played. I got the hit to take a few more questions and not wrap the call on time, so I did, and I think we went another twenty or so minutes, and addressed some BIG topics around feeling energy, directing energy, and  ...MONEY!!!

So if money is something you have been looking at, check that out.

Also, Darius posted this on his facebook account, and I shared it on mine as well, because I thought it was very interesting. It's all about money and the templates of thought. It's worth looking at ESPECIALLY if you are looking at  money issues in your life right now:


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Feeling Caught Up

Yesterday and today were a lot about "getting caught up." It felt like a lot of you had sped up spritually or emotionally, but that other energy bodies -  mostly the phyisical and mental - were not moving along at the same space. It  was an interesting thing to watch over the last few days.

In a way, it's like a time warp... it felt like some of you sped off to a space where everything was great, but put that place "somewhere else" and left the physical body behind.

(On a side note, it's interesting that one fo the big messages last week was about not getting left behind. That message was true - and this is not so much about YOU getting left behind, but it's about integrating all spaces into the now moment, and knowing that you can create whatever you placed "somewhere else"  right here and right now).

In a related post, I was answering another question further down in the blog about a fear of being attacked that had to do with this issue of integration/expansion, so I wanted to share a bit about that as well:
"As we expand, if we feel resistant to meeting new parts of ourselves or are firmly into our stories, it can sometimes feel like "other" energy. I talk a little bit on the audio book about how when I was in my teens and early twenties, I had what was diagnosed as "night terrors." Later, I realized that I  was meeting more of my expanded self and was just in a lot of resistance - I  wanted what I wanted and I wanted it for my own mental reasons, and I wasn't  interested in being happy as far as whole and from the heart, I
was only  interested in what I "thought" I wanted and who i thought I was - who I had  definied myself as being based on my sociological background, beliefs,  upbringing, etc.
This looks like a part of a pattern of being ruled or dominated - think of "God" as the example, or even the archetype of a patriarchal society or energy template. There is still some struggle that underlies these feelings.

Invoke the formula around knowing Oneness from the Source perspective, and knowing that perspective is you :) Think of those feelings as energy or thought forms that are of and from you, but you've forgotten that you directed them to do  what they're doing.
Direct easy integration... and as I wrote that, the first thing that came up was also release all aspects of victimhood. This looks like one that is within the whole of consciousness and it's a lot of what I talk about in the Matrix  call."

Tomorrow is Sunday Funday, so I will be working with the enrgy of fun again:D If you like to visualize, picture it as a bright orange energy filling you up and permeating your being and surroundings.

Also, I wanted to address this really fast: I keep getting an energy of wanting to clear stuff when I tap the group, and wanting to clear keeps the focus on clearing - and if we create what we focus upon, the wanting to clear actually serves to keep/create/recreate things to clear. This may be why some of you have been circling the same thing for a while.

Let go of wanting to clear and begin to embrace and play with the notion of "what if there was nothing to do?" Really get down into the heart here, because the mind may want to really start showing you just how much there "IS" to do. A  lot of times, we think that we are the result of what we have thought or that we  are the result of the mind, but if you follow the thought back enough, you will eventually find you - the thinker and creator of the thought.
If everyone invokes the formula around all of this, a lot of energy should shift :)

Also, lets all join in with this:

When I typed "health" I felt some of you fall out, so invoke the formula around releasing that push/pull and being able to just love and get to the blank page - the zero point - where you can create anything!
Lots of love, and have a great weekend!!

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Interested to hear what's going on with some of you as BOUNDARIES came up today. It felt like a positive thing - working out who or what you're giving energy to that you no longer wish to give to... also allowing yourselves to be  "off the hook" from needing certain things or from "saving" yourselves or other  people... really learning to be and expand from the still point and the blank  page of power and sovereignty. I expanded upon that with some frequencies of  purpose and clarity once more. I feel like this is an area that will continue to  grow and gain momentum for some of you over the next few hours and possibly  days. Rest came up for some of you as well, but as in the notion that you could  manifest from a state of rest and ease. That tells me some of you are really  turning a corner :D

Comparison energy also came in... the "how come it works for them..." or "why  is it that I still don't have... but they do." For a few of you, it was really  hard to re-center, which tells me that you have to give the direction yourself  as on some level you are committed to creation through loneliness and lack.  believe it or not, that's a very common template amongst comparison creators. So  just give the direction that I AM DIVINE LOVE. I acknowledge my SOURCE and that  I AM THAT SOURCE and I have enough energy to do this ("DO THIS" meaning create  the life of my dreams and desires) AND I AM THE CREATION OF ME... which  interestingly enough plugs some of you back into boundaries and who has to do what, etc. It's ALL you :D

We'll keep working that one, but I wanted to let you all know what was going  on :)

Lots of love,

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This is a video Master Class from Story Waters - who most of you know is a dear friend of mine in London.
Story sent me this link the other day, and I just finally had the  time to watch it, and I have to say I think it's quite brilliant. It  is very much along the lines of what I write in Love, Life, God, so some of  you may watch the video and go, "Duh!" But it's always fun to hear it in a  different way. Some of you may watch it and have a huge reaction - which is also  great, because it will show you where to begin your journey into happiness and  wholeness :D

I thought the fact that he used Miley's VMA performance as the frame work
was  great. 


I got an early start this morning, working a bit on opening and  receiving today... Also Knowing "Now is the time" and "I am ready/I am now."  There's a lot more to do around that than I thought, but that's good: it's  lots of layers sluffing off. As that's been going on throughout the day, I've  also been working on allowing it to be easy and fun... like waking up rather  than sweating out a fever. Most of the time, we tend to really "detox" when this  stuff comes up, and there can sometimes be drama to play out, which is why  yesterday that had me work on "de-magnetizing" the old stuff. If you're feeling  tension, just let go. A lot of times, we want to let go of one or two beliefs  while holding everything else constant, and the thing is: when you change one  belief, the WHOLE energy make-up changes. It's like changing an ingredient in a  cake... you're gonna get a slightly different cake, so don't expect it to be the  same. If you replace chocolate chips with strawberries but still want a  chocolate chip cake, there's gonna be a lot
of struggle and resistance. Just  trust... that's the next place I'll be working on for tonight/tomorrow.

Love ya!!

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I AM Enough!

I AM Enough

Today felt like a bit of a doozy for some of you. As the expansion energy rolls on, overwhelm was up in a big way for some.

This is what came up:

"I can never have what I want/be good enough" and because I can never have what I want, when I start to get what I want, it  brings up the fear and anxiety around knowing that ultimately, no matter what, I  won't make it/get there/be able to keep it... and even if I  did, it's not enough. and because it's never enough, even when I'm balanced and receiving, I am  overwhelmed because it's not enough... and how can I ever get "there" ...I can't... which is depressing and causes me to feel stuck and not love  myself...but I have the tools to shift and move into love...but when I am in love, it's not can see where this stuff really could kick ya in the booty as you quick as this post is, this is HUGE for a few of you and should really shed some light on a lot of issues within the group as well.
"I AM ENOUGH." I was enough before I even began :)

Love you all!!

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